• When Charley was teeny we had a night nurse every Monday night and The Captain and i were out of that door the second she arrived, Invariably we’d go to 1682 since it’s really close to us which meant we could eat and run home to bed and also because their churros were absolutely insanely delicious. Churros are a Spanish delicacy and are basically fried doughnut batter stick things which are served with warm chocolate for dipping or salted caramel. I had some at a friend’s 40th the other night and also at Don Armando (which is fabulous by the way) recently. Personally i am a total spaz with anything that involves a piping bag but i could be tempted to try this recipe …maybe…


    This recipe yields loads (60-80 churros)

    300ml Water
    180g Plain Flour
    50g Unsalted Butter
    Pinch of Salt
    50g Caster Sugar
    1 Tea Spoon Ground Cinnamon
    3 small or 2 medium eggs
    2 Table spoons Olive Oil or Vegetable oil
    + 1 litre Vegetable Oil for frying

    Makes: 60-80 churros 10-15 cm in length (depending on the size of your piping tip)

    Time: 35 – 40 minutes


    Place water, butter, 2 table spoons oil, 1 tea spoon sugar & a pinch of salt into a medium – large size sauce pan. Bring to the boil.

    Add plain flour and mix vigorously until well blended (the dough will come together in a minute or two).

    Remove from the stove and let it cool a bit. Once it is not too hot, add one egg and work the egg into the dough. Start slowly breaking the egg, then fast increasing speed, if possible. When the egg is incorporated in the dough, add another one and repeat the process. You should get dough that is not too stiff but not too soft either.


    If the dough is too hot, you might end up with scrambled eggs in a dough or dough that tastes like scrambled eggs so be careful. If you work the egg fast into the dough it also prevents the egg from cooking. However, this may be a bit tricky, as the dough is quite hard at this point. If you find it hard to mix with a wooden spoon, use your hands instead.

    Pour the vegetable/sunflower oil into a medium sized sauce pan and heat it up.

    Fill a piping bag (or a ziplock bag) fitted with star piping tip with half of the dough (it is easier to handle).

    Check if the oil is ready for frying by dropping a tiny piece of the dough in. Once the dough turns nice brown, you are ready to pipe the churros in.

    Pipe the dough directly into the hot oil (choose any length you like) and cut with a fork (I found fork the best tool for this). Do not pipe too many churros in as they need space for frying. It will take only about 2 minutes for them to get nice golden colour and that is a sign they are ready. They should get the colour gradually. If you see they are not getting dark evenly, reduce the temperature.

    Take them out and place them on a paper kitchen towel to get rid of the excess oil.

    When they are still warm, roll each of them in a sugar mixed with ground cinnamon.

    Serve warm with thick hot chocolate.

    This video recipe makes it look SO easy

    Here’s the link to the original recipe and the origin of the pic above

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Thank you sounds delicious will give it a try

    2. Lalannie on

      Yum, love these. Thank you for the recipe!!

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