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    By now you will have seen I am a huge Consol Glass fan – The Captain finds it hard to believe that I always seem to find space for more Consol jars in my life but for me they are the business! They’re perfect for storage, are ideal for home décor projects and there are so many tabletop options for making pretty when you entertain. We use our Solar Jars so much and everything that can be stored in a jar in our home is stored in a Consol jar!

    For Glass Week with Consol, I chose a spring theme and as usual I shot the pix with the amazing Brenda from Hearts in a Shutter – thanks Bren for the pix!

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    These patterned-lid jars from Consol are relatively new to their range and I’ve been wanting to shoot with them for ages. I love their old-school feel and I think they’re really versatile. Whether you use them for tea, coffee and sugar OR on your baby girl’s change table, they are a pretty and very practical choice.

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    This is such an easy little DIY. All you need is a Consol preserve jar (I LOVE the 500ml ‘chubby’ jars – they’re such a great shape). Simply unscrew the lid, decorate with washi tape, pop it back together, place your meringues/sweets/gift in the jar and you’re ready to go. A perfect hostess gift with minimum fuss, plus the recipient will love they can keep the jar.

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    With spring in full swing at the moment, I ventured out into our garden and snipped off some sprigs of flowering bushes to pop into some Consol jars. To give them their own dose of personality, I simply taped them off and gave them a quick spray with gold spray paint. It honestly took three minutes to do. Customising Consol jars with paint is something I regularly do – and gold works especially well because it takes something that’s an everyday object and turns into something totally glamorous. This idea is great for decorating the table when you’re entertaining, if you have a wedding and yes – especially for everyday.

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    The Jar in a Jar must be the most exciting innovation since the Consol Solar Jar – it’s genius!! If you want an eco friendly lunch or snack container that can hold your salad AND your dressing without everything resulting in a soggy mess, then this is it! Plus it looks fab too. What a wonderful way to pack a picnic basket, don’t you think?! I used strawberries and cream and crudités with a pesto mayo to show the versatility of these fabulous jars. I also love the ideas of using them in an office environment for stationery essentials and even to create a mini toolkit as a Christmas present.

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    I quite like that my stepdaughters like to elevate their smoothies into something celebratory with pretty straws – and I know when they see these new milk bottles from the My Jar range, they’re going to love their smoothies even more. Don’t you love the thought of a tray of these bottles filled with lemonade for a summer party or wedding too? They’re so versatile! And of course, like all the glass products int he My Jar range, the best is that you can personalise your offering by writing on the chalk label.

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    Aside from having so many items that promote personalisation, Consol also has items like this water bottle and the Curvy bottles that look great and are ready to go. The bottle will go from fridge to tabletop so easily and the curvy bottles are a great looking (and comfortable to hold) water bottle to use everyday – the size makes them great for little hands and also they’re perfect for popping into your handbag.

    I went shopping for my jars at the Consol Factory Shop in Stellenbosch – it’s a fabulous place to lose yourself in glassy ideas. For more Consol ideas and to keep up to date with their promotions – visit their Facebook page.

    Help spread the love for Glass this week – please pin these pix and like the page if you liked what you saw!

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    1. lameez on

      Good Morning, Pretty ideas for glass , lov it thanks for sharing 🙂

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    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great ideas – thank you!

    4. Lalannie on

      Simple yet so beautiful Love what you did with the different glass jars.

    5. Nicola on

      Love the gold vases…can’t wait to try that!

    6. Mandy on

      Ah Vix, so so so so so nice x

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