• So i told you last week how i’d given our bedroom a winter makeover?

    Well, here are the pix of the before and after and the details as to what went down.


    So here’s how it looked beforehand. This is my side of the bed – with my ‘piles’ of mags and baskets which were driving The Captain nuts. I battle to contain all the stuff i accumulate. The bedside/butlers  tables cost me R199 each form Mr Price eight years ago – i figured they’d had a good innings and it was OK to invest in some new ones. As you can see the open table situation does not work for someone like me who collects a lot of stuff on my travels.


    So here is the totally new look (this is The Captain’s side of the bed with our bathroom and wardrobes in the background).


    What i did:

    • Wallpapered the wall in Graham & Brown (code: 19038) paintable wallpaper. It cost R565 per roll and we used two rolls to cover the wall (the wall is about 5mx3m). I found it at Wallcoverings Inc. They recommended a wallpaperer to me who came and sorted the wall in a morning and he did a great job.

    • I left the wallpaper to dry properly for a day and then began the painting process. The colour i chose i Plascon Cashmere in Nautilus and i love it – i spotted it in a back issue of Plascon Spaces and although i bought a few other sample colours to check it was Nautilus all the way! It was a major decision to go navy blue (it looks quite a bit lighter in the pic because of the glare) but i liked its richness and depth and it stays away from being too black a blue if you know what i mean. I wanted to create a space that’s cosy for the colder months hence the dark colour and it doesn’t make the room look smaller either and i love that! (Tip: Plascon has a dedicated DIY website now which you can use to answer all your questions such as how much paint you need to paint a certain area or what paints and brushes to use for different projects etc, it’s really useful).

    • Another major change were the bedside pedestals. These i found at Biggie Best – they were really well priced and i like the classic shape, subtle decorative details and that there is a drawer. I also liked that there is still space for our magazine/book holders (found at Mr P a few years ago but they tend to repeat these too). The pedestals were originally whitewashed but i gave them two coats of Plascon High Gloss Enamel in Carribean Sea. (Tip: foam rollers give a brilliant, really glossy finish but be sure to leave the paint to dry for at least 12 hours in between)

    • See the gold bedside light? If you scroll back up to the original shot – you’ll see it was white, i bought them at @home about four years ago (they tend to repeat this light with various patterns every season or so). I spraypainted these with Plascon Aerolak in gold and i love the effect. The Captain looked a bit terrified when i told him we were going to have gold bedside lamps but he’s over it. The glow they give off at night is so gorgeous and i love the feeling of glamour they bring to the room. I’m not sure whether the Aerolak was a good idea considering that lamps can get quite hot so we are just going to have to be disciplined in not leaving them on all the time.

    I bought the faux fur throw  at Whitehouse – one of my favourite places to buy linen – they are really well priced and the quality of their products is excellent. The mohair throw was a wedding present and i love it too. If i could have five blankets or throws on our bed i would – love them. Bed4

    Here’s a close up of the pedestal where you can see how glossy it is now (i kept the handles as is) and also the beautiful pattern of the wallpaper – the best thing about this wallpaper is that it’s designed to be painted so when summer comes along we can repaint and do a new scheme. This entire process took three days – 1 to wallpaper, 1 to let the wallpaper dry and 1 to paint.

    Hope you likey. V x

    PS. If you’re wanting to know about the headboard, read this post where i spoke about having it made

  • 29 Comments to “Bedroom Before & After”

    1. Jonelle on

      Great job, looks lovely!

    2. Mandy on

      Lovely! Makes me want to come hop into bed with you, drink hot chocolate and watch Mystic Pizza 🙂

    3. iwantthat on

      haha Mands, anytime! V x

    4. Tanya B on

      This is fantastic! I don’t know if I would ever take a DIY this size in my hands, but it looks so much better, that I a wandering about my bedroom too 🙂

    5. Suz on

      Looks beulah baby!

    6. Leigh-Ann on

      Stunning. Love those baskets too…

    7. Sam on

      Wow! Love it.

    8. Lisa on

      OH WOW!! Although you had me a ‘before’!! Super inspirational Vicki – love it!!

    9. Liz on

      Stunning – love it! Now I just need you to come and tackle my entire house!

    10. Sam Woulidge on

      Likey a lot! X

    11. Mich on

      The pedestals look great in that colour and the texture of the wallpaper gives a lovely depth to the room! Also love the glimpse of the walk-in wardrobe in the second pic – would love to see more dressing room inspiration please 🙂

    12. kimberley on

      looks gorgous! well done. The paintable wallpaper is really amazing…

    13. Brenda Wardall on

      Beautiful – love the gold lights! Love it all – that wallpaper looks amazing and those pedastals too!

    14. Alison on

      All very clever … I especially like the new pedestals and the upcycled lampshades. Can’t wait to have a(nother) look at your headboard post … still gathering ideas for ours.

    15. Imrah on

      Lovely! Especially love the paintable wallpaper.

    16. Alex on

      Ah Vicks this looks stunning! I must send you a pick of my newly glossy painted chest of drawers in Nautilus – love that colour! I also can’t live without Wallcoverings Inc. – their selection of wallpapers is fantastic! xx

    17. Yvonne on

      Looks fabulous!

    18. Nerina Wardall on

      Great job, Vicki!

    19. Chloe on

      A winner!

    20. Robyn Cooke on

      Fabulous!! x

    21. Joanita on

      I want that chair in the corner please!!!!

    22. Emma on

      Fab job! ♥

    23. gillian goodwin on

      looks stunning Vikki!well done girl..:)

    24. Monique on

      Stunning. I have the same bedside lamps – you’re right, they look gorgeous in gold!

    25. DINKI DILKS on


    26. Lindsey on

      Looks so great Vix! Love it all! xx

    27. Allison on

      Amazing ! Well done Vicki. Love the headboard!

    28. Kim on

      Glorious. Fab inspiration, thank you! x

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