• Since discovering the joy of Avakai last week, i can’t stop thinking about them! In a nutshell, they’re handmade wooden toys with a bluetooth component – you can buy them as singles, but pairs are more fun since then you can send messages in the form of music notes that denote different emotions and even virtual hugs- they’re soooo cool! They can be used in hide and seek games, to hide little treasures inside them and to connect with friends and those you love. Did i say i LOVE them?? They’re not cheap (R1700 for a pair including shipping to SA) but something in me tells me these are an adorable lifetime investment.

    There’s a great video on the website here

    Avakai Avakai2 Avakai3 Avakai4 img

    I’m in love!

  • 2 Comments to “Amazing Avakai”

    1. lameez on

      Wow..Super Awesum!

    2. Cecile Blake on

      wow never seen these they look amazing!!!!

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