• Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since i was on the blog – thank you to Mandy for holding the fort and posting such fabulous information and inspiration as always! After two very long months, we finally have internet installed in our new home. It has been an incredibly frustrating experience not being able to communicate properly (we still don’t have cellphone reception but i can’t even go there) and not being able to work properly either. Ten days ago my Macbook crashed too (!!!) so it’s been a trifecta of a communication disaster on my side of the world. Now that i have my new machine to work on and we have relatively stable internet, i am ready and raring to go – i have A LOT to share with you – from what i’ve been up to with my family to where i’ve been eating out, what’s happening on the home renovation front and what’s inspiring me at the moment.

    Since it feels like i’m starting afresh today in many ways, i thought i’d share a suitably fresh and lovely, white and bright apartment. As we so often do, i’m looking to the Swedes for inspiration. As you know – in our new home, i’m on a mission to use a lot more white and although it’s probably not the smartest move with a 3 year old and a 9 month old, it’s what i aspire to – well sort of, i mean, i can’t imagine no colour ever – just a little less. Anyway, i’m rambling lovelies, take a peek at this lovely space, with its layers of white, its happy mix of old and new, the even happier marriage of white and wood and pops of green and enjoy.














    Happy Monday to you – may this week be a wonderful one for us all. V xx

    Pix from here

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      LOVE this blanc canvas…!!!

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