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    Jo has prepared a crafty DIY for us today – enjoy! And if you’d like some more insight into how she did it all – take a look at her site too.


    Take it away Jo…

    A very intimidating block of air drying clay has been sitting in our study for sometime now. I was so excited to buy it and armed with a bunch of of fabulous craft ideas, I had every intention of jumping into some serious kneading and rolling and sculpting… but alas, weeks have passed and the block of clay has sat there making me feel guilty. 

    So when Vicki asked me if I would like to contribute a guest post to her blog I took it as a sign – get over my fear of the clay and make something pretty.

    The result is a cute leaf clay bowl which I intend to use on my bedside table to store my rings and earrings in (so much better than the naff glass dish I had been using)

    This was a super easy DIY project requiring no special skills and no fancy tools. 
    Other than the clay, all the bits and bobs you will need are things you should have lying around the house. Of course you will need to find a suitable leaf – try to pick one that’s fairly large and wide enough to form the shape of a bowl. I used a strawberry leaf from our garden.

    What you will need:
    Air drying clay
    Generous sized leaf (I used a strawberry leaf)
    Pair of scissors
    Craft knife
    Rolling pin
    Suitable bowl
    Cling film (not pictured)
    Tweezers (also not pictured)


    Step 1: Get all your goodies together.


    Step 2: Begin by rolling out your clay to a thickness of around 5-7mm.


    Step 3: Place your leaf (vein side down) onto the clay and gently roll it into the clay – trying not to tear the leaf. Now carefully use the craft knife to cut around the leaf, separating it from the remaining clay.


    Step 4: If your leaf has a serrated edge like mine, you may want to detail the edge by further cutting out the jagged leaf using a craft knife (or a pair of scissors)


    Step 5: Line your bowl with a piece of cling film.


    Step 6: Gently place your clay leaf in the bowl – overlapping edges if need be. Then, using a pair of tweezers, gently pull the leaf away from the clay. It should come away neatly, but be carefully as the clay is still soft.


    Step 7: Now find a warm, dry spot to leave your clay leaf to dry. Mine dried overnight – depending on the weather yours may take longer, just follow the recommended drying time on the packaging. To help things along – after three of four hours, you could try taking your clay leaf out of it’s mould and popping it in the sun to dry – but be careful that it has hardened enough before removing it from the mould as it may droop and loose it’s shape.

    Once dry you could choose to spray your finished bowl with a clear varnish – just to give it a little extra protection, but I quite like the chalky texture of the clay.

    There you have it – your very own clay leaf bowl. Pretty enough for the fanciest of bedside tables.

    This post was inspired by a DIY seen on Urban Comfort

    For more creative inspiration, don’t forget to visit Pretty Pretty

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      So so clever!

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      WOW!! i love this

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