• Do you know the feeling when everything you look at in your home just feels blah? The paint that’s peeling on your cupboard? The hall table table you’ve been meaning to re-accessorise since January? The bath towels that are past their sell by date? Guilty. Guilty Guilty of all of the above. That’s how i feel at the moment. Thank goodness i’ve got a couple of makeovers planned to push me through the blahs and i’m looking forward to sharing them with you. I’ve just ordered the paint for the one and i’m waiting to hear back from my cupboard man for the other and then i can get cracking – right now i’m kind of in limbo thouygh and it’s annoying. The thing about making changes at home though is that they really don’t have to be dramatic to make them really effective and to lift your mood. I’ve jotted down some ideas…


    This image is from Holly Becker’s amazing book Decorate with Flowers



    1. Plants and Flowers

    Now is the time of year to bring the garden into your space. St Josephs Lilies that scent your home are just as special as posies collected from the garden. Dress up your bathroom and your bedside table with little vases containing single, scented roses or loose collections of flowers. Now is also the time to pot up herb seedlings for your kitchen windowsill and why not buy or pick some Delicious Monster leaves and pop into a simple, glass vase?


    2. Chuck, Sort & Tidy

    Never underestimate how a good old fashioned sort out can improve your mood. Whether its the kitchen junk drawer or the bathroom cabinet – a sorted space can make you smile more. I know for myself, mess makes me anxious and because i’m messy by nature a proper sort every few weeks can really improve my mood.In a follow on to the tidying notion – sorting out what’s used and not used is essential to keeping clutter at bay. Gumtree is brilliant for selling stuff you no longer want – we love it in our house! That feeling of accomplishment when you’ve done a thorough sort and chuck and then made money off your good work is unbeatable!

    3. Change it Up

    Maybe you’re feeling tired of your space because you haven’t changed things on the walls in yonks? Or maybe those cushion covers have been a feature for two years now? It’s time for a change! Professional framers are expensive – but prints are cheap and combine that with frame options like the ones you can currently find at Mr P and Woolies and you’ll be set in no time. I love these box frames from Woolworths and these frames from Mr P are dirt cheap and perfect for creating a gallery wall. Cushion covers are such an easy way to make changes too – invest in quality inners (i like the feather ones from The White House) and change your cushions seasonally.


    4.Scents Appeal

    Happy memories go hand in hand with our sense of taste and smell – which is why scented candles, soaps and home fragrances are an instant way to add some happiness to our homes. Light up the candles when you get home from work, spoil yourself with a special soap and envelop yourself in great smelling good vibes.


    Wow! That’s a crazy paint job!

    5. Colour your World

    I’m not saying do away with your gorgeous monochromatic decor but maybe that hall table that looks so blah actually needs a lick of paint? The great thing about paint is that it doesn’t have to be permanent – take the leap, go for teal or fuschia or a pop of gold – you can do it! Or maybe there’s a Le Creuset something that you’ve been coveting for ages? Don’t be shy! Even changing your white pillow slips for pretty, patterned ones can improve your mood – pronto!


    I found this pic here

    6. Curate your Collections

    We’ve all been there – collected odds and ends and mementoes from a holiday and then shoved them in a box never to be seen again. Or maybe you’re holding onto an old whotsit that once belonged to your favourite Auntie? Maybe its time to edit down everythung that’s gathering dust – the old postcards and that favourite quote poster – and put your absolute favourites into a display? This image is exactly that – a meaningful museum belonging to the person who created it.

    7. Something New

    How about doing without your daily takeaway coffee and spoiling yourself instead this month? Before the Christmas rush and you spend all your hard earned shekels on everyone else! There are loads of great deals on at the moment – @home has a 20% off deal on couches and chairs and Superbalist is a favourite of mine for instant mood lifting inspiration.

    That’s all for this morning lovelies – i hope some of these inspired you to imrpove your mood at home…V xx

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      Good Morning, this is wonderfull Decor ideas to improve in my home and just what I need . Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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