• Hi lovelies..do you do the Christmas countdown in your home? I’m not getting one this year because trying to explain to Charley that ‘no, you can’t open every box or envelope at once’ is just not worth the drama, but i do like the idea. I’ll never forget when i was 6, our teacher, a rather formidable nun called Sister Theresa gave us a printed calendar with to do’s on it – from tidying your room to saying prayers for poor people at Christmas – i’ve never forgotten it. So, while i like the idea of a cute little gift in each envelope, i love the idea of interspersing acts of service in amongst the treats even more. But back to the ideas and crafts…take a look – maybe there’s something that appeals to you…


    Takeaway boxes filled with treasures strung on a ladder = cute!


    Ladders clearly seem to be the ite du jour for contemporary advent calendar hanging


    Little boxes and pom poms make for a magical mantelpiece decoration


    This pared down tree features numbers – this is a great one for activities – written on the back of each number enhanced-buzz-21949-1354118696-8

    Shop Merrypak for little boxes like these


    I LOVE this calendar made of envelopes


    And this decorative calendar is lovely too don’t you think?

    PS. Most of these can also be used for any countdown for ‘while i’m away’ gifts to V Day or birthdays too

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    1. lameez on

      Good Morning, Awesome and creative ideas ! Loov 🙂

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