• Hello lovelies! Did you have a good weekend? Ours was very quiet – a fair amount of it was spent sending a bunch of things off to storage (actually The Captain did all the shlepping) in an effort to continue our quest for a much more simplified space. I’m actually quite shocked that i’ve been able to part with so much…most of the collectable things i’ve kept are currently packed away. Until we hang all our pix i don’t know where i want to put them all. This led me to call up a folder i started years ago…on ways to store your favourite collectables. I do think that clever storage solutions are key to conquering visual clutter, especially if you’re a wannabe minimalist with magpie tendencies (like me)…take a look and let me know what you think…


    I had to start with this image first! If you’re a creative soul (or have a stationery and crafts supply issue), then i know you’ll love this! It doesn’t have to be all busy either – you could go monochrome with this same concept of keeping all your gear together.


    Got a penchant for paper pretties or Tretchi-esque prints? Don’t keep them locked away in a box for ‘one day’ – haul them out and create a story in a corner of your home.


    That collection of coloured glass that’s gathering dust in the back of a cupboard? Isn’t this a beautiful way to display your lucky finds and inherited glass pieces?


    So…if you still have your eraser collection lying around – may i suggest that you pop them onto a piece of card (you’d have to use glue and that’s quite a commitment, i know), and frame them? This would also work for special shells or your old collection of Hello Kitty toys that you can’t bear to part with.


    Vintage kitchen collectables deserve to be on display. How about taking the doors off a cabinet and making a permanent display of them?


    I am so going to show this image to Chloe – i swear her collection off vintage cameras multiplies every month!!


    Love this rainbow sorted collection of stamps!


    If you’ve got a thing for pins…this is such a fabulous way to display them


    Sorry, i think this is pic is blurry or is it me? Why not display dinosaurs and other critters on a group of shelves?


    Got a glass collecting ‘problem’ – display them with pride!


    Unused corners of your home have plenty of potential!

    milk glass collection

    I know i’ve shared this before but i really do LOVE this magnificently displayed collection of ceramics – so cleverly arranged so that the tallest pieces are in the middle.


    This eclectic collection of pieces is equally easy on the eye


    Thankfully plants are such an easy genre of collectables to group together – here, the basketry is another cohesive factor.

    So…any of these inspire you to sort and display some of your own pretties?

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    1. RedCat on

      A visual feast and some great ideas to start the week off with. Thanks!

    2. Lalannie on

      Great ideas for a hoarder like myself…

    3. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Gorgeous collections. I feel replete :)) Thank you!

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