• Hello lovelies!! I would just like to say – HOLY FREAKING MACARONI it is cold at the moment! I’m busy typing this post wearing two sweaters, a jacket and a beanie and I’m still freaking freezing!! Which is why today’s post is pretty relevant. You see, I received this beauteous gift in the post last Friday and it warmed the cockles of my heart! This time 3 years ago, Charley was just 2 months old and we were in the thick of newborn craziness – sleepless nights, endless feeds, not knowing what the hell we were doing, you get the picture. BUT there was light at the end of the tunnel because when I was 7 or 8 months pregnant with our Birdie, we booked a family holiday in Mauritius. It was quite surreal booking and paying for a holiday for a baby who wasn’t born and who didn’t even have a passport yet but in retrospect it was the best thing we could ever have done and I highly recommend doing so as a reward for surviving the first few months of newborn-ness.

    But back to my delivery from the folks at Mauritius Tourism and the #RatherbeinMauritius campaign. This is what arrived…



    See this pic? That’s myself, The Captain, Chloe and Sarah all aglow at a dinner at Club Med La Plantation D’Albion where we stayed for 7 nights in October 2014. Where is Charley you may ask? Fast asleep, my friends – by then the little champion was sleeping through, we could leave her with a babysitter and I could have dinner with my family every night – it was bliss.


    If you’re cold, tired, in need of a break …then read about my 10 reasons why I’d #RatherbeinMauritius. Then scroll down and tell me some of your own – there’s a prize for two to a five star resort worth R80 000 up for grabs!



    People, short of sounding like the host at my own pity party, I’ve had months of really bad health, I’ve just spent another five days in hospital and I am currently downing inordinate amounts of meds on a daily basis. I cannot possibly fit in one more type of pill or supplement into my body…EXCEPT for vitamin D…courtesy of the sun. Did you know that Vitamin D can only be synthesised by the sun and your body needs it to absorb calcium and promote bone growth? Also, there is a name for sun therapy – it’s called heliotherapy and I have my hand up for some! Also…did you know that the sun shines virtually all year in Mauritius? Just saying I’d MUCH #RatherbeinMauritius


    Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.48.52 PM


    Shew, I’m sure you’re all on the same page as me – time is racing by so quickly at the moment! I feel like living in the moment is just not happening and I am so conscious of not spending quality time with our family. We’re all a little disconnected at the moment, a bit grumpy and a bit over things and when I realise that Ava is 10 months old this week I could weep for thinking about the moments I haven’t made the most of! Chloe turns 18 in August and Sarah turns 15 – pretty soon they’re definitely not going to be interested in hanging with us on holiday…although I suspect if it’s Mauritius that’s on offer, I might be wrong. Five years ago I spent a week at One&Only Le Saint Geran…it was beyond magnificent and they’re just about to relaunch. It’s one of the first family resorts in Mauritius and I am just putting it out there that some family time there would be insane!! Also…you really can’t go wrong with Club Med if family time is what you’re after…it’s a finely tuned family-friendly machine!




    So, if you ask Sarah, who was 11 when we went to Club Med, what her favourite part of our holiday was, she’ll happily tell you it was the food! The girls had never been to a resort before and they literally had stars in their eyes at every meal. What 11-year old wouldn’t want a milkshake and waffles for breakfast?! I loved it because I did not lift a finger and I got to eat so much delicious food I could hardly move (also, I was still breastfeeding Charley so I used every meal as an excuse to have seconds!). The Captain was in his element because it was cocktail central and Charley, who had just started eating solids, loved it because she was waited on hand and foot at every meal – she was served homemade, pureed food at every meal, it really was a treat! Chloe could not believe she could have ANYTHING she wanted at ANY time of the day! And their other favourite treat was to order room service – who doesn’t love room service? Some of the things I still remember: sea urchin pasta, prawns coming out of our ears and enough tropical fruit to sink an Indian Ocean pirate ship.



    The thought of slipping into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean right now…sigh, my soul needs it. What about you? I can almost feel the prickly post-swim feeling on my back, I can hear the waves and I can hear the children screeching as they try to get on the SUP without falling in the water. You know that giggling when trying to stay above water feeling? There is nothing better. Would you #RatherbeinMauritius ? Me too.



    When I went to One&Only Le Saint Geran a year or so before on a press trip…I sure as hell made the most of their amazing Spa! I actually took part in the Harmonia holistic heath programme they offer which includes lymph drainage massages, a diet plan and best of all…ESPA facials and body treatments, so despite the fact we were wined and dined constantly, I left feeling better than I had arrived. If we were to go to Mauritius again When we go to Mauritius again, I am DEFINITELY going to the Spa – One&Only Le Saint Geran reopens in 5 months time and I’ve also got my eye on the offerings at LUX* Belle Mare Resort – a five-star offering with a world-class spa to match!



    If an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day year-round, ridiculously warm waters and an ambient temperature that never dips below 21 degrees appeals, well what are you waiting for? Quite frankly, the cold we’re experiencing right now can get lost! I’d #RatherbeinMauritius people! I don’t know about you but I’m in the market for sundowners on the beach, sleeping with the windows open and feeling a little hot and sweaty because we’re in the tropics!





    Now, if your idea of being on holiday means heading to a local market, then you MUST go to Mauritius! This Indian Ocean Island has an incredible market in its capital, Port Louis. If you’re in any way fascinated by exotic fruits, vegetables and spices – you’ll LOVE it here. There are hawkers aplenty, glistening jewel-coloured fruits and vegetables piled high and opportunities to nosh on sweet, sweet tropical offerings. There’s more than the food market though – you can get the most beautiful hand embroidered table linen in Mauritius – it’s a regret I have that whehen I’ve been I haven’t bought myself a tablecloth – next time! Also – there are AMAZING outlet stores in Mauritius! Oh, and if you have babies, there’s even a Petit Bateau shop there.





    Mauritius isn’t known as one of the Indian Ocean’s most romantic destinations for nothing BUT I really rate it as a family friendly destination. Beach time, watersports time and cultural time are all part of the package (we even spent a day at the horse races which was AMAZING!) but for little adventurers – I really recommend time at the Pamplemousse Gardens, the National Botanical Gardens of Mauritius. It was founded over 300 years ago, is home to over 650 varieties of amazing plant species and is a lush paradise filled with discoveries. It’s a treasure trove for kids, is open every day and costs 1 Euro an hour per person if you take a tour. Why not get rid of the screens and give your kids the gift of Green Serene time?



    If you head for Mauritius, you might be tempted to stay put in your resort but you aint been there till you’ve hit Grand Baie. This quaint village is a major tourist attraction where you’ll find shopping spots, beach bars and plenty of operators offering snorkelling and diving cruises. There are loads of restaurants plus if you’re in the mood – some bars and clubs for hitting cocktail hour.


    Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.17.47 PM  


    I know I talk about craving me time quite a bit a lot on the blog – I think it’s the plight of the modern woman – me time is their most sought after commodity. You know I love my family and The Captain but seriously, some time on the beach, lying by the pool, reading a rubbish holiday book, really is my idea of heaven. And experiencing it in Mauritius? Hello!! Deadlines and admin begone! I’d much, much #RatherbeinMauritius

    OK, so, are you in the same boat as me?

    Would you also MUCH #RatherbeinMauritius?

    The #RatherbeinMauritius crew wants to hear from you!

     This is what you can WIN

     5 nights’ accommodation for 2 adults sharing at the LUX* Belle Mare 5 star deluxe

    • Breakfast and dinner daily
    • Free W-Fi
    • Free Unlimited water-skiing
    • This trip trip for 2 is worth R80 000

    This amazing prize INCLUDES FLIGHTS!!!!

    To enter, you’ll need to:


    • Visit the competition site

    • Show us how you’re surviving the winter blues by submitting a pic on the channel of your choice (Facebook, Insta, Twitter)

    • Follow & Tag @MauritiusZA and use #RatherbeinMauritius on your entries

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    1. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Oooh! Bliss :))

    2. Megan Salmon on

      Shared and crossing fingers!!

    3. Coral Le Roux on

      Shared FB post. OMG WHAT IF I WIN!!!

    4. Nicola on

      Ay carumba I would so much #RatherBeInMauritius!!! The world has gone batty and everyone wants everything yesterday – now you’ve got me dreaming of palm trees and drinks with little paper pineapples in them AND the food! How yum does the food look?! I would flipping plutz if I won this – practicing my poolside pose as we speak!

    5. Debbie gray on

      10 reasons why
      1. Because I love the sun, sea and sand
      2. Winter is getting me down
      3. To spend some quality time with my mom battling cancer
      4. I’ve never been to an island paradise
      5. I work retail and need some downtime
      6. I love photography and would love to take pics of gorgeous places to see
      7. I wouldn’t have to cook for 5 days
      8. I collect magnets of places I’ve gone and need one of Mauritius
      9. Visit my neighbour as a kid she lives there
      10. Spa day and relaxation is in order

    6. Anita on

      Would SO #RatherBeInMauritius…. sitting with a dressing-gown, socks, slippers, 2 jumpers and a blanket. I need the tropics 🙂

    7. Kaish ramdaw on

      Wow what an awesome prize takes me back to my honeymoon 17 years ago in Mauritius

    8. Khauhelo Majola on

      Like and shared on FB

    9. Nicole Naicker on

      What an awesome Prize Awesome stuff done

    10. Helene Spreckley on

      Omg! What I wouldn’t give to experience everything you wrote and mentioned about this amazing holiday.

    11. Lynnith Andreou on

      Oh scream, my dream destination right now….xx shared on fb and twitter

    12. Courtney Cogle on


      1. I need Vitamin Sea!!
      2. Because Teachers deserve glamorous beach holidays too‍
      3. Dolphins
      4. Chamerel Waterfall (Bucket list)
      5. Paradise Sunsets
      6. No PHONES except sneaky photos fot instagram!! ‍
      7. Because Winter Sucks!



    13. Ragmat baron on

      Oh wow what an amazing prize
      Shared the giveaway on fb- ragmatbaron

    14. Rosha Chetty on

      An amazing prize, a wish come true, Island getaway… Paradise, Serenity, Beauty of the island, cuisine, shopping, sightseeing and so much more to do.
      Shared on Facebook

    15. Eden Megan on

      This would be an absolute dream! Sun, sea, sand.. anything to get away from this dreary winter!

      An island break for my sister and I would be so appreciated! This year of uni has been so tough on both of us. ❤

      Keeping my fingers crossed!! xx

    16. Kerry on

      Shared! Fingers crossed.

    17. Natali on

      Shared <3

    18. Zuzu on

      Ditto, Check and Check what a way to spend time with my loved ones

    19. Li Protheroe on

      Shared and posted on Twitter and Instagram. I’d rather be in Mauritius because I was born for island holidays 🙂

    20. Leanne Alford on

      Shared via twitter via @LittleMissLee86 , holding thumbs and toes ! Been wanting to go to Mauritius for ages !!

    21. Nicolette Good on

      Oh how utterly Sublime a giveaway

      Have Entered ❤️

    22. Essayvanie Padayachee on

      Shared on Facebook done! Awesome prize

    23. Anria on

      Jipppeee!!! Shared xx

    24. Pavla Sessions on

      Shared on Twitter and shared pic on Twitter and visited competition website. Fingers crossed!

    25. Christy Bremner on

      Shared ☀️ Love the post! Would waaaay #RatherbeinMauritius right now!

    26. Sue Bremner on

      #RatherbeinMauritius right now for Sea , Sand, Sunshine, Snorkelling, Shells, Sharing Cocktails, Creole food, Carefree days with Family, Friends – who wouldn’t #RatherbeinMauritius right now.

    27. Nicole on

      Shared on FB.

    28. Louise on

      Just shared it on fb. Luckily I had a pic of my son in his gown and slippers with goggles and boogie board in tow that was perfect. Holding fingers and crossing thumbs



    30. Sonja McKaiser on

      Yes please! Shared on Twitter

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