• Hi all. Hope you’re having a wonderful festive season. Once you’re over your turkey hangover and perhaps feeling a bit DIY-ish, how about updating your furniture with a quick and easy project? A lick of paint on the inside of a cupboard, a chest of drawers or display cabinet doesn’t require too much elbow grease and the results are a happy dose of eye candy and colour. What’s not to love?

    Pic from here

    Pic from here

    Spray paint and stencils! Pic from here

    Pic from here

    Okay, slightly more ambitious but you could try tracing first with chalk…
    Pic from here

    Pic from here


    Pic from here

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    1. lisa on

      Love, love, love … now to … do, do, do … hmmm … he he! xx

    2. Li on

      WoW! Lovely!

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