• Yikes!!! Can somebody tell me what has happened…all of a sudden the year is going very quickly and it’s freaking me out! The Captain and i finally sat and sorted out our calendar for the next few months and i nearly had a panic attack – too much going on! So…in light of the chaos i am retreating to my happy place – pictures of workspaces. A kind of work-avoidance-by-looking-at-ordered work spaces behaviour…works for me!


    Isn’t this workspace within a bedroom lovely? And the white’s wonderful too


    My parents had exactly these chairs when i was growing up – the pinboard and filing cabinet get a tick of approval from me


     Lovely lean black legs and box shelving – perfect. You can find exactly the same chair and stool at Chair Crazy


    Two words: industrial chic


    A pretty space with a view 83da5b1dbd8e86b863c5e2103999ce87

    More industrial good looks 94efa118be142921d755dfc93f3f5e15

    Isn’t that wooden cladding great?


    Salvage style a5b8359e1d2b5ff07204f63f1812de84

    Another delicious memo board c750ff1cf31af6063cef352a43bf4ae1

    An inspiring collage ca96beb9ac657bd1f8cd34d12a45fa0a

    A space for work and creativity

    Happy day lovelies!

    Pic credits in order of appearance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9 10, 11

  • 7 Comments to “Workspace Happiness”

    1. zillah on

      how people keep their ‘workspace’ so tidy is STILL a mystery to me!

    2. jane on

      The hoarder in me finds it hard to believe anyone can possibly have such a tidy workspace. . . . . oh, for some minimalist order!

    3. Maggie Mayer on

      I agree! If my workspace was so tidy I wouldn’t where to find anything!

    4. Tanya B on

      Love all the wooden additions.

    5. Suzi on

      Well that was productive – found the fake Eames chairs finally and had to drive out to Canal Walk to get them – no luck – had to go to Willowbridge (of all places) and found out two things – my iphone is not the greatest navigator and that I just waited 45 minutes for someone to disassemble two perfectly assembled chairs – which took me 90 minutes to reassemble and he’d managed to strip the screws on both!!! Guess next time I should have paid more attention and looked at your list.

    6. iwantthat on

      Oh dear Suzi – what a shlep! Chair Crazy has so many fabulous repro chairs that are great quality! V x

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