• When i worked at House & Leisure Magazine, the word ‘eclectic’ was verboten. The problem was that it was the word most people chose to describe their home so when writing up house stories i had to find a million other ways to describe a term that sadly had become a cliché. The thing is, i get where people are coming from – if you can’t quite put your finger on your style, if you like Scandi style, you love Mid Century Modern but you’re partial to an overblown flower and a wonky painted side table or two, well, it’s safe to say you’re pretty much up there in the eclectic scheme of things.

    While i’ll always be partial to gazing at the beautiful, pared down perfection of Scaninavian interiors and the easy-on-the-eye-ness of monochromatic interiors, i’ll always come back to what i know and understand – and that’s eclectic interiors. Why? Because for me they’re all about layers and layers of personality – pieces of furniture that have been picked up in junk stores or handed on from others, fabrics that have seen better days but are still beautiful, slightly dog eared cushions and rugs and paintings that are beautiful to you and you alone. In the eclectic home, modern and antique furniture items rub shoulder and shocking pink and orange sit side by side. Why? Because you like them, that’s why!










  • 4 Comments to “Why i’ll Always ♥ Eclectic Interiors”

    1. Janitessa on

      Made my day:)…happy:)

    2. RedCat on

      I hear you! Love other people’s Scandi, mid century houses or contemporary, but just can’t stop restrict myself like that. What if restricting myself meant that I missed out on the gorgeous old cupboard that would fill that corner in my lounge perfectly? Never!

    3. Rose McClement on

      I am battling to find the words to describe what I am feeling right now. Maybe it is enough just to say, that this article has touched my heart. You had me at ‘ layers and layers of personality’. That to me is what a home with a heart is all about. But its more than personality – you walk into anyone of these rooms you have featured, and you know the person. Their authenticity shines through.
      I have always been eclectic and my style of decorating has largely been eclectic. At one time during my long career, I didn’t really declare this eclectic style of mine – it was just too untoward in our trade. Particularly when the Europeans ushered in their minimalist style. You have to to know who was breathing a sigh of relief when once again eclectic was ‘okay’. I so get this article – you sure you are not a mind reader. thank you

    4. Mandy Allen on

      Hallelujah Vix. Loved this post, couldn’t live any other way

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