• Hi lovelies! I know i’ve been a bit scarce this month – there’s quite a bit going on at the moment and i thought i’d just let you know that i’ll be up to speed soon. I’m adjusting to being back at work for Good Housekeeping, having Charley at school and Ava at home and trying to fit the realities of what all of that entails. I’m still breastfeeding so my day is a bit of a blur of feeds and work and lifting and expressing but i’m definitely getting the hang of it –  i am SO pleased and SO grateful that i am lucky enough to have an opportunity to be a Mom to not one, but two amazing little girls. The Captain and i also started a major project in December which i’ll tell you all about this week so that’s been dominating any time we have too. Last week a very dear friend of mine was tragically killed in a car accident. It’s been a harrowing week for her family and her children and her husband-to-be and to see them all in such pain is just devastating. I guess blogging about frivolous things just didn’t feel right. She would often send me interesting info to share on the blog and her zest and curiosity for life are qualities i admired and aspire to – i’ll miss you Leigh-Ann.



    So here’s to a better week for us all. I’m starting 2017 a little slow off the mark but it feels right doing it this way. V xx

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    1. Colleen on

      Thinking of you all V – life is not easy and we wonder why these things happen. You don’t know how we look forward to your daily posts! xx

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