• I’m sure that many of you also view fresh flowers as such a wonderful luxury and while i used to be so good about always having fresh flowers at home, i seem to have fallen off the wagon. My home grown dahlias were pretty dismal this year and i haven’t seen many flowers around lately that i’ve really loved. I buy proteas at our local market every two weeks or so but what i’m really hankering after is beautiful, fresh, scented blooms – roll on spring flowers, i say!

    So with that in mind, here are some lovely ideas for styling flowers at home…


    Isn’t this rainbow inspired centrepiece a breath of fresh air? I love it – so happy!


    Shew, the simplicity and beauty of these four fresh blooms in a vessel is just lovely


    I LOVE this arrangement – a lush bunch of flowers and a little bit of greenery – just beautiful!


    A few sprigs of leaves can make all the difference in transforming just a few fresh blooms into something really special


    THIS is definitely what i look forward to about spring – fresh blossom straight off the tree!

    spring-forward1 Again, just a few blooms are brought to life with accompanying greenery – love it!

    Have a happy flower-filled weekend lovelies!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Fresh flowers enhance the appearance of any room

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