• Over a year ago Mandy wrote a fab blog post about a Swedish company called Photowall who make watercolour wallpaper. Then, interiors experts in the know started saying watercolour patterning was so the way forward for decor in 2015 – but to be honest, i haven’t seen much of it until the past few weeks – go figure – it’s 2016 in a month’s time! Anyway, what i wanted to share with you is the phenomenon of watercolour wallpaper, paint techniques and even floor coverings…





    This rug is amazing!!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.18.14 PM

    love this watercolour panel



    I’m in two minds – i LOVE contemporary watercolours, especially from artists like Gabby Raaff but i don’t know if i could find space for this look in my own home – on ceramics though – i want that!!

  • 4 Comments to “Watercolour Walls & Floors Cont…”

    1. lameez on

      Amazing and beautifull, inlove with the watercolours !!

    2. Gillian Fuller on

      I’m contemplating having a go at this! Would solve a problem!!

    3. Rose McClement on

      Hey Vicki – you know, I was at St Leger & Viney’s Woodstock showroom yesterday and noticed that the wall treatment was ‘ rather different and odd’ – like watercolor treatment. They had two walls covered in it. At first I thought it was a paint technique gone wrong. But the second wall that caught me attention, I noticed that it had a wallpaper texture. After reading your article, I feel that maybe they have become agents for a wallpaper like you speak of. Interesting concept – really interesting.

    4. iwantthat on

      Wonderful – thanks Rose! I will call them and will update this post accordingly. Hope you are well. V xx

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