• Raquel Rodrigo is a Spanish set designer and artist who is transplanting the age-old, quaint craft of cross-stitch embroidery onto the landscape of Madrid (and beyond) and the results are beautiful. I always love it when artists interact with city streets and buildings and change their aesthetics for the better, but without altering the heart of what makes them urban nor diminishing the years of weathering and grittiness which gives them their unique character. Raquel, along with her team from Arquicostura, plans and prepares the installations – ranging from public art installations, editorials, private installations and installations for creatively-inclined clients – beforehand with super-sized cross-stitch techniques using colourful weather-resistant rope wrapped on chicken mesh. This is then unrolled and affixed to various surfaces. Um, like the front of my house, please?
    You can see more of Raquel’s extraordinary large-scale embroidery projects and follow current works-in-progress on her FB page and Instagram.

    PicMonkey Collage-243 PicMonkey Collage-244 PicMonkey Collage-245 PicMonkey Collage-246 PicMonkey Collage-247 PicMonkey Collage-248 PicMonkey Collage-249 PicMonkey Collage-250 PicMonkey Collage-251 PicMonkey Collage-252 PicMonkey Collage-253 PicMonkey Collage-254 PicMonkey Collage-255 PicMonkey Collage-256 PicMonkey Collage-257

  • 4 Comments to “Urban Interventions”

    1. kerry on

      absolutely gorgeous

    2. Lalannie on

      This is beautiful.
      Check out Danielle Clough – embroiderer from South Africa
      @fiance_knowles on instagram – she also does amazing work and has done similar installations.

    3. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Ravishing, thank you for the visual holiday :))

    4. Ria on

      Love it.
      Btw, have you seen the embroidered fence on the park (where the homelss people are camping) next to Store Age at the top of Roeland street?

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