• Hello lovelies, so sorry there was no blog post yesterday – i have bronchitis and sinusitis and i am NOT a happy camper! I considered taking a break from posting today but that felt weird, so here i am, not firing on all cylinders i’m afraid – Panado when you are ill and pregnant is not much fun. On a less moany note, this post has been sitting in a folder on my desktop for a while. You see, friends of ours recently renovated their home and it’s drop dead freaking gorgeous and one of the most gorgeous elements is a single gold top they have in their kitchen – over their sink. I absolutely love it – it is so stylish, so understated yet so glamorous at the same time and simply put – just fabulous! I’ve seen copper and brass taps for many years but gold taps (and not the blingaling Michael Jackson type) are new to me, and i love them…take a look


    This is beyond beautiful – the marble, the black grouting and of course the tap!

    The Pink House

    These people seem to have got themselves a discount at the gold bathroom accessories shop!


    These folk got it juuuust right!


    This one’s also a little too much for me – but i love the marble/gold marriage




    Love even more! It’s definitely when glossy gold is married with marble that things being to sing!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      CERTAINLY BRIGHTENS THE AREA! Do try inhaling a few drops of Karvol in v hot water – clears the congestion quickly. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.!

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