• Hi lovelies! I’m so lucky that often my day job at Good Housekeeping and my after hours job here on I Want That overlap and this post is a perfect example of that! I’m busy with my food pages over at GH – and writing about Freak Shakes and Cakes is on the agenda for today…which of course took me down a rabbit hole into freakshake land. If there’s one thing i LOVE – it’s a milkshake!! And with all the added crazies you can pop onto them, well i’m pretty sold on freakshakes. I think they’re a FAB way to offer pudding on a weekend lunch and if you can face the sugar rush, i think they’d be such fun as a kids part activity. If you’re anti sugar, stop reading now!








    The Anatomy of a Freak Shake

    You need: appropriate glassware, straws, swizzle sticks – MILKSHAKE!

    What to do: use syrup to line your glass, then fill it up with your milkshake – leave some space so your glass doesn’t overflow

    Now freak it up: doughnuts, cookies, crumbled cake mix, candied popcorn, sprinkles, waffles, pretzels, whipped cream, candy floss, candies…you get the picture!


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      Too tempting for words!

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