• Hello lovelies! How are you? I am good! Tired, but good – and getting more and more into the swing of things every day! I’m sure you’ve seen how tassled long necklaces are a major fashion trend and have been for the past year or so – i love how this Bohemian look has also spilled over into decor and into the fashion accessories world too – and especially on handbags – handbag charms are big news! Take a look at some looks that are making the most of trimming with tassles…


    This seriously laidback Boho babe look is one i love! Keep it simple in monochrome tones or opt for brights to shake things up. Look for tassled necklaces at Mr P – and The Makery. Click here to see how to make this one.


    To add a pop of colour to your space – a tassled garland is the business! Add one to a cupboard door or a corner in need of a lift. Pic found here.


    Last week i shared a shawl from Maxhosa that i am obsessed with – well, look at this tassled dress – isn’t it amazing?!


    My friend Chloe who inspired this post since she LOVES a tassle was recently in Paris and said that every chic Parisian woman with a bit of edge has a tassled charm on her handbag. Aren’t these sweet? Here is the how to if you want to make them yourself (embroidery thread for the win).


    Something for the oh so boho gals. Pic found here.


    Tassled garlands made using wool are a sweet, handmade addition to a kids room. Click here to see how to make it.


    Leather tassles are BIG news! These beauteous little purses (which come with straps to sling across your body) are from local bag ladies Bloss & Co – i want and need!

    Here are some lovely leather tassled charms i discovered online…


    This is from cult US brand Tory Burch

    3625549_fpx Simple elegance from Fossil

    01_1721010074_si_00 And this tassled keychain with USB port and charger wires is from good old Mr P – it costs R89 – i can’t find them online but i spotted them in store last week.

    Have a happy day! V xx

  • 4 Comments to “Trendspot: Tassles”

    1. Rose McClement on

      Yummy trend. Happy for the Boho peeps of this world, that their style so long linked and associated with the ‘hippies’ is finding some of the spotlight in mainstream trends, with that added touch of class.

    2. Virginia Garnham on

      Love love love, tassels and trims are my thing!!

    3. Lalannie Knoll on

      Love tassles!!

    4. Chloe Buckland on

      I love it when I inspire my inspiration!!

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