• Hello lovelies, we’ve just got back from two glorious weeks in Stanford, it was fabulous and i was so sad to leave as the time simply flew by! We had wonderful times with both family and friends and were able to slow down and live life at village pace for a while.

    One of the things i love most about the bedroom in our Stanford escape os the four poster bed – it’s HUGE and the ultimate sleeping spot, especially on hot afternoons with the breeze from the river wafting through. What makes the bed is that it is a four poster with a mosquito net adding to the romance of it all, i absolutely love it. Which brings us to the subject of today’s post – modern four poster beds – which i’ve been seeing around a fair amount lately. I don’t think it matters if your room is particularly big or small, i think either way, it’s such a wonderful way to make a style statement. Take a look…


    So, the all white look is just so freaking gorgeous – love it!


    This is quite interesting – a very contemporary piece in a period room setting


    Love the wooden frame for this canopy bed


    And isn’t this Bohemian bed great too?


    Oh so contemporary with a homely feel


    I love this eclectic look

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Super – love it

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