• HI Lovelies, i’m dipping in and out of the blog at the moment – in between feeding and settling Ava (visit the Facebook page for a sneak peek of our new poppet) and keeping Charley occupied. I have a few more posts planned for the week but wanted to quickly share this little trend spot with you. I’ve written about half walls and half painted furniture a few times here before (this post and this post) and it’s a look i really love – but let’s be honest – painting a straight line on a wall is NOT easy and the room for error is big! Which is why the messy half wall is such a great solution to getting this look without having a heart attack that your lines aren’t straight. It’s also a cool idea if you’re feeling bored of a wall and need a quick fix …take a look


    Pink and navy blue is a major colour combo trend at the moment – isn’t this look fab?!


    Hello grey and white – i love you!


    Instead of using vertical lines, this wall is dressed with horizontal messiness and something of an ombre effect – it’s lovely!


    I’ve featured this pic before and i’m sharing it again because it’s great!


    If a shot of colour is up your alley – how about dip painting the top half of the wall instead of the bottom half?


    LOVE this dramatic look!


    And look how dreamy things look when using a pale grey tone?


    Try a shot of colour to add some spice to a space!

    Don’t forget the Spindel giveaway ends today, lovelies!

    I know some of you want a more detailed post on where to find baskets in SA – i’ll be posting on that soon. I also have posts on new online shops, a fab local bag brand and the most stylish mohair blankies ever, planned!

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      Awesome idea!

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