• About ten years ago the trend for Man Caves reared its head in quite a big way – dark, manly (say it with a Sean Connery accent!) and serious spaces for men prevailed but spaces for gals were left out of the mix. Harumph.

    Thankfully that’s a thing of the past. Now, there’s no denying that She Rooms and She Spaces are as much of a thing He Rooms.

    In our house, The Captain went on a mission when i was pregnant to excavate under the house – in doing so, we created a flat and a She Room sort of a space for me (and my junk he says). It’s more of an oversized cupboard and an adjacent desk which works perfectly for me. For himself, he expanded on his He Room – it now houses wine, booze, his office and spare-me-the-visual pain – a dart board. It’s also where his bajillions of sailing pix and sports whotsits live (and will hopefully stay forever).

    So, today’s post is about He Rooms and She Rooms that have caught my eye…


     How very Christian Grey…


    OK, who am i kidding, this post is totally about She Rooms and She Spaces…


    Isn’t this work and sewing space sweet? See that cart? It’s from IKEA (via Nevada Furniture if you live here) and i am coveting one in a big way. It also comes in a beaut blue which is what i want it in…


    Clipboards and Consol jars – essentials for a happy She Space


    I love the idea of a room in the garden but since my She Room is also outside and i hardly get to that – the chances of this working for us are minimal 679a7a9e80ae3201618c1218cf5816cc

    A sleek spot somewhere in nature – i could be swayed to share my she space…


    Sigh – delicious stationery organisation

    for Quarry Books: book title, A Daring Adventure in Paint: Inspiring Techniques with Collage and Mixed Media by Mati Rose McDonough
    for Quarry Books: book title, A Daring Adventure in Paint: Inspiring Techniques with Collage and Mixed Media by Mati Rose McDonough

    And a studio space to die for


    A lovely (and very hardworking) space to call one’s own


    Trestle tables really are a Godsend when creating a space that’s all about you and your creativity


     Love this!

    So, what would be in your ideal She Room or She Space?

  • 7 Comments to “Trend Alert: He Rooms & She Rooms”

    1. lameez on

      Good Morning Love it so much.inpiring idesd 🙂

    2. Janine on

      What a wake-up:)..x

    3. Kim on

      Totally gorgeous. Love them all 🙂

    4. Donyale on

      Love the posh Wendy house! My She space is the size of my workspace – a trestle table – surrounded by note boards and a flanked by a metal cabinet full of plain magnets. It’s where my characters live large on walls and I can scribble notes and thoughts about whatever I’m working on – if its a screenplay, I’ve usually got visual references up everywhere and since I write horror, it’s better that they’re not up in the dining area! For me, a good creative space is where my ideas and thoughts – even if they are only half formed – can live outside my head. It’s where my imagination transitions from thought to action.

    5. Farren on

      That stationery collection!!!

    6. RedCat on

      Oh my word- that organised stationery space took my breath away, had to call the boyfriend to show it to. he didn’t understand my excitement. Obviously…

    7. iwantthat on

      Hahahaah RedCat, your message made me laugh – The Captain is flummoxed by my stationery obsession too! V x

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