• 5 Comments to “Trend Alert: Fiddle Leaf Fig”

    1. Lalannie on

      Love these plants and now I know what they are called. Thank you 😉

    2. Alex on

      Ah, Vicks I’ve had my fiddle leaf for about 3 years now (yes, I have managed to keep it alive that long – I am a known unintentional killer of plants) and I still admire it lovingly every time I walk past! They are the most gorgeous plants!

    3. Baphiwe on

      I’m based in Durban and I can’t seem to find one of these. Any suggestions on where to look? How much do they cost range wise?

    4. iwantthat on

      Hi Baphiwe, there seems to be a major shortage at the moment, my advice is to ask your nursery to order one for you. My mom in law ordered one ofr you and it took three months to arrive- from a nursery in JHB.

    5. Best Things: Florence Lopez – Skinny laMinx on

      […] Fiddle Leaf Fig Alex Daybed – The Sofa Company 2 | 1 Comment | jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#sharrre-article').sharrre({ template: '{total} Sharesftg', enableHover: false, urlCurl: "http://skinnylaminx.com/wp-content/themes/skinny-bootstrap/js/sharrre/sharrre.php", share: { facebook: true, twitter: true, pinterest: true, googlePlus: true, }, buttons: { twitter: {"hashtags":"skinnylaminx"}, }, render: function(api, options){ jQuery(api.element).on('click', '.twitter', function() { api.openPopup('twitter'); }); jQuery(api.element).on('click', '.facebook', function() { api.openPopup('facebook'); }); jQuery(api.element).on('click', '.googleplus', function() { api.openPopup('googlePlus'); }); } }); }); jQuery('#content img').each(function(){ if(jQuery(this).attr('width') > 200 && jQuery(this).attr('height') > 200){ jQuery(this).wrap(''); jQuery(this).after('p'); if(jQuery(this).hasClass('aligncenter')){jQuery(this).parent('.pin-img-wrapper').addClass('aligncenter')}; jQuery(this).parent('.pin-img-wrapper').css('width', jQuery(this).attr('width')); } }); Posted in: BEST THINGS, COLOUR & STYLE.Tagged: colour, florence lopez, lindell & co, style. […]

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