• I’ve been toying with the idea of a concrete bathroom vanity for a little while. I love the one we have at the moment but it’s made of MDF and because our bathroom is a wet room, it’s starting to show signs of wear and tear already (we definitely chose pretty over practical).  Since we have slate floors and charcoal coloured walls i figure concrete would be a good solution – plus white pops against it so nicely so the basin would also look great. 3d42eb3cdae05d5d82e504140b75eda1

    One of the things i love about concrete surfaces is that they are such a great foil for other textures – whether in the form of wood or in this case faux fur. You can see in this pic how well a monochromatic palette works when concrete is in the mix.


    Aren’t these open kitchen shelves with the concrete ‘bracket’ great?


    I love this idea – if you want to bring in the industrial-luxe look into your home, you can with concrete wallpaper – like this one by Robin Sprong Wallpaper Cement1

    Concrete works in both a rustic and relaxed environment and in a more sophisticated space too Cement2

    I just love this bathroom – the wood, white and grey work so well together and look how the white stools pop against that countertop! e31e24d58a03671a004d16eb9c19c1a9

    Love this look!

    Have a happy day

    V x

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    1. Susan on

      I love the hanging bulb in the bedroom. please advise where did you buy this?

    2. Shirley on

      The wallpaper idea is actually so clever. Well done Robin Sprong!

    3. Rose McClement on

      There is one draw back to concrete – and – that is the fact that whatever fixture you are doing is ‘ cast in stone’. It takes nothing less than demolition to do away with it. I have a client who had found her concrete kitchen counter top and units to be a draw back when she put the house up for sale.

    4. RedCat on

      I love concrete counters- would love them for my kitchen!

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