• Are you kidding me that it’s Wednesday already? Time needs to take a chill pill because I certainly can’t keep up. Speaking of time, I am longing to find the space to do some easy DIY at home. I just feel this need to create something cool that’s been made by my hands, but that doesn’t require the powers of Martha Stewart or those annoying accomplished bloggers who make everything look magazine-shoot ready. That’s why the idea of dip-dyed curtains with an ombre effect really appeals to me.
    I saw tie-dyeing in action at a friend’s house recently and it’s made me want to experiment with bold colours and simple ideas. There are lots of images here mostly because I find them all so lovely, but you’ll also see a few variations on the ombre finish like Shibori (the Japanese art of tie-dying) and stripes. I’ve linked to several tutorials below that have how-to’s. Really, all you need is a pair of cheap and cheerful (and preferably lightweight) white curtain panels (polycotton, acrylic and other synthetic materials aren’t suitable as they won’t hold the colour); dye and fixer (craft shops and haberdasheries or online is where you’ll find supplies); some gloves; a big bucket; and things you’ll find around the house to clamp and fold and hang up to dry. As soon as I have a minute I’m going to give it a try. I have two large cotton lace-look tablecloths (from Mr Price Home) that I use as curtains in the study, and I’m thinking they’re crying out for a makeover with either hot pink or yellow graded bottom halves. What I really like about this is there’s no right or wrong: if they come out looking a bit streaked or faded it doesn’t really matter. They’ll still be rocking that bohemian DIY chic.

    1 Pic
    2 Pic
    3 Pic
    4 Pic
    18 Pic
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    6 Pic
    7 Pic

    20 Pic

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    9 Pic
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    15 Pic
    16 Pic 
    17 Pic

    Design Sponge for tips on Shibori dyeing
    Style at Home for dip-dyeing curtains
    Craft Foxes have a good ombre curtain dyeing tutorial too
    • This how-to from Design Love Fest is about dyeing linen placemats but it’s really the same principle with curtain panels
    • Aaand a last one from Michael Penney Style

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    1. lameez on

      Good Morning , What a Beautifull colours, I learn now how 2 Dyed my own curtains in a Ombre way . Thank realy lov it 🙂

    2. Lizel Roman on

      So pretty 🙂

    3. Kerry on

      have to agree, time flies and where and when do these people have the time.. love all these curtain ideas..thank you

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