• So i last visited the patterned tile trend a year or so back and since then the trend has really exploded! In the last two weeks i’ve been to two friends’ newly renovated homes and i am so ridiculously jealous of their patterned tile jobs! Sadly, i have no walls or floors that need tiling because if i did, i would so be on that page! But a girl with tile style ideas can dream, right? Here are some beauties that are giving me the shivers!










    krik9a   rune-dandelion-lavender-600x800




    There’s no denying this is an eclectic look but if you’re more into minimalism, don’t think it’s not for you – the heaxagon and subway tile trend with dark grouting will work for you.

    I’m interested to see how a combination of patterned walls and floors is coming to the fore – only for the brave but i like it a lot!

    I love the nod to the past that some of the patterned tiles represent – if i think about the hideous tiles we had in our kitchen when i was growing up i want to laugh (or cry) – some of these are definitely a nod to the stylish elements from way back then!

    So, what do you think? Any of you undertaken a tiling project lately? Or about to? I’d love to hear about your choices.

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on


    2. Li on

      Very much of cool. The classic blue/white number is still gorgeous.

    3. Sophie on

      the last two subtle white/grey tiles… where are they from? or is it just the look? thanks

    4. Lalannie on

      They are all beautiful!!
      My favourite is the 1st bathroom pic with the subway tile in the shower and patterned tile on the floor … total swoon!

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