• While like most people i tend to put pink in the little girl category, i can’t help feeling enamoured with these pix. From pastel shades to punchy fuschia tones, there’s no denying the potential pink has…the question is whether everyone in your home will agree? I know The Captain might feel less than happy about our home being turned into a Barbara Cartland-esque zone…but it’s worth playing the what if game for fun..

    OK, this is the wildest of the bunch i promise…a definite statement-making space

    see how pink loves gilt and gold?

    Some Marie Antoinette-inspired style?

    deep pink – so cosy

    grey and pink love each other too

    pastels are always on my love list

    aside from this pretty shade – i’m also loving the wardrobe in the bathroom thought

    this pink in a half-measure is too, too pretty

    a little hidden secret of pink in the form of a chalkboard on the back of a door

    i’ve been seeing a lot of colour on ceilings lately too – a cute tongue-in-cheek touch in an otherwise classic bathroom

    Credits, pix in order of appearance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  • 10 Comments to “Thinking about Pink”

    1. Joanita on

      Love love love the soft pink ceiling in the last photo, stunning room x

    2. Brenda Finch on

      love that bathroom

    3. Bianca-Leigh on

      my favourite colour! love the pink door

    4. Natasha on

      I love that first one. Daring and fun. Pink ceiling’s a hit. And the functional chalk-board door.
      Love ’em!!

    5. Tanya B on

      Grey and pink combination looks really fantastic.

    6. charlotte on

      I am totally a pink girl (as all my friends know!) so I LOVE all these pic’s. I have recently painted my fridge pink with chalboard paint 🙂 (bought from Smitten)

    7. janien on

      where can we find blinds like the ones in the first picture?

    8. Hazel on

      Absolutely love the dusty pink free standing closet – beautiful!

    9. Rose on

      You had me at that last bathroom. It is oh so Libra-eque – totally – fresh, restful and beautiful – just what a Libra girl wants.

    10. Rose on

      Vicky – in reply to Janien’s query about the blinds – I can help out here. They are called ‘Balloon or Festoon ” blinds. Most experience /professional curtain workshops can make them up. They are quite costly, since you can just imagine there is a great deal of labour involved in their make up. Plus they need to be installed by a professional curtain installer.

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