• So we all know there’s a big trend for oversized knits and stitch detailing on fashion, accessories and soft furnishings. This has been taken a giant leap further by Copenhagen-based designer Ellinor Ericsson who has created a series of furniture, the X-Me Collection, that features enormous cross-stitch patterns. The inventive design idea is more than just aesthetic though; Ericsson explains that her idea was generated as a response to the question of why Nordic design is generally lacking in ornamentation. Inspired by Rococo furniture as well as the clean, simple, functional signature that is intrinsic to Scandi and Nordic design, Ellinor’s intention was to merge the two. As she explains: the collection is about ‘the balance between purity of style and decoration, where the inspiration was the reverse; the construction materials are Nordic and the shape is rococo. The ornament is inspired by rococo but the cross stitch stylish Scandinavian. And the craftsmanship brings them both together.’
    See more of Eleanor’s conceptual work on her website.
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