• Thinking of changing up your hair for summer? I’m seriously crushing on the WOB – the wavy bob – to perk up my very predictable look of messy top knot bun and/or messy top knot bun (don’t judge me, I’m a mom of three youngins so styling my hair is the least of my priorities). My hair before pregnancy was really curly but hormones and breastfeeding has toned it down and now I’m left with waves, sometimes flat, sometimes perky. But that’s the fab thing about the messy or wavy bob – a teeny bit of product in a good cut (even if your hair is relatively straight) and you’re good to go with very little fuss. Perhaps a bit of volume via a hairdryer attachment or a quick once-over with a curling tong for poker straight hair, but the look you’re after is unfazed, unfussed, and undone so the less effort the better.

    The million dollar question is a fringe or no fringe. I have a round face so long, blunt bangs would likely suit me better, though I do love a bit of a super short fringe. The other trick to making this look feel modern is an ombre dye job – not too obvious, but the two-tone effect serves to add depth and emphasise the layering without feeling mumsy. Which brings me to my style inspirations. Yes, these are pics of impossibly gorgeous celebs (and the odd model) with an army of stylists at their fingertips, but look past all that and you’ll see that the WOB is the hair equivalent of Converse All-Stars – suited to everybody, utilitarian and effortlessly cool. An everyday haircut with a contemporary edge.

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    Image 1 January Jones rocking her WOB
    Image 2 Alexa Chung does the WOB with chunky bangs
    Image 3 Queen of the bob, Alexa, with her fringe grown out
    Image 4 Sofia Coppola keeps it longer but no less chic
    Image 5 Nice side sweep going on here
    Image 6 Lara Bingle illustrates blunt is beautiful (and modern)
    Image 7 Alexa (again) showing the power of the bob, this time sleeker and insanely glossy
    Image 8 Model Jourdan Dunn rocking the ombre WOB
    Image 9 Alexa does the LOB (long bob)
    Image 10 One of my fave actresses (and writer/musician) Carrie Brownstein does her WOB with a grungy edge and I love it. Her fringe is perfection too

  • 3 Comments to “The WOB For The Win”

    1. Bevin le Roux on

      Gorgeous! so considering the WOB…. Love love love Alexa Chung.

    2. iwantthat on

      My kingdom for an ounce of a wave so that i could have a WOB! V x

    3. Mandy Allen on

      Vix, just fake it til’ you make it. A bit of product and I reckon you’ll be rocking a wave x

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