• So I’ll be perfectly honest, when the trend for sliced precious stones such as agate and amethyst and geodes and jagged crystals hit the interior world I was a skeptic. I actually do like crystals and precious stones and we have this display tray that belongs to the kids that has all sorts of stuff from nature on it, including some amazing-looking weird and wonderful crystals and minerals and stones, but on a whole I was like, no thanks, it’s all too ‘Cango Caves curio shop chic’ for me. But truth be told I’m really warming to the idea and can see how, in small doses, a few sliced pieces of precious stone and impressive crystals left on display can be quite lovely and certainly will give your home a bit of that cabinet of curiosities vibe, not to mention stunning burst of jewel colours.

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    A few rock solid ways to introduce the trend include… 
    * A pair of bookends. I’ve seen that TYPO currently have amethyst-style geode bookends (not the ones pictured below). I’m not sure if the TYPO ones are real of faux but they’re very cool and sparkly and really quite pretty. I spotted the pair at the factory shop in Access Park but apparently they’re in-store too.
    * Large-scale prints. Look out online at poster shops such as the fabulous Art.Com  or ETSY for really lovely photo prints or what I like even more, vintage posters of precious mineral and rocks.
    * Check out Love Milo’s subtle and beautiful Mineral range on Superbalist (last pic)
    * A mineral-inspired wallpaper mural can be dramatic and eye-catching. I really like Gruvmalm by Rebel Walls (second pic down) to order from St Leger & Viney. Robin Sprong also has a Textures collection with marble and onyx-effect imagery that can be customised in the colour of your choice. And check out Dreamweaver Studios Resource collection for veined marble imagery
    * Display a collection of stones, sliced geodes and crystals with air plants or succulents on a brass or copper tray
    * Also display a small collection of crystals along with other natural ephemera in a terrarium. Typo and H&M homeware department have great selections of glass display boxes and terrariums
    * You can buy sliced agate and other minerals at The Scratch Patch in Cape Town
    * Check out the gorgeous Geode range of duvet covers at Society 6 

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  • 4 Comments to “The Stone Age”

    1. Sarah Daly on

      These can be beautiful. Michael Fitzgerald from The Curator has a number of exceptional ones in stock that he may be willing to sell…

    2. Lalannie on

      That Love Milo range has my heart!!

    3. Rose on

      wow Vicky – I’m feeling like I’ve stepped out of a ‘Stone Age’ cave and awoken to a trend that somehow until now, I confess has passed me by. But so glad you introduced me to it. Cos I love trend watching. It’s really interesting. I too have gemstones dotted here and there in the house. Many also from the grandchildren’s trips to Scratch Patch( which brought out the child in me as well). And also because gemstones are linked to that quirky side of me that some call Woo Woo ( although I seriously beginning to ‘not like ‘ that term).

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