• Hello lovelies! Happy Monday to you! As we head to a new month (!) and as i start venturing back into work, so my to do list is growing. One of the things on the agenda for our constant home improvements is a much needed repaint of our interior and a major declutter. The Captain is feeling overwhelmed with all the STUFF in the house and reluctantly, i agree (i guess now isn’t a great time to tell him about my recent Gumtree buys that i plan on upcycling!! ) And of course, as you know, while i aspire to a pad with little clutter and lots of white space…it aint gonna happen…colour is king in our house!  Of course it makes perfect sense then, to once again, devote a post to pale spaces, many of which are delightfully uncluttered – the antithesis of whats happening in our home! Someday, i’d love to live in a space that is the sum of what’s going in these homes…until then, i’ll go there in my head…and on the blog.


    All white doesn’t have to be devoid of life – layering with texture in varying shades of white and adding that quintessential pop of green – is just lovely!


    Break up all white with wood and you’re good to go!


    Keep things pale and pretty with a hint of blush pink – the perfect shade to prevent things from looking too sterile


    Here’s a pic that really shows how wood and natural textures look so wonderful in white spaces


    This is a relatively cluttered space, visually, but the lovely wall tones keep it serene


    There’s that blush pink thing again…


    This cute kitchen steers clear of being too sterile thanks to the table with a lovely worn patina.

    These seven spaces all have something in common – the all white-ness is broken up with one main element – from a  feature chair to wood grained furniture or a gorgeous plant – its something to bear in mind if you’re wanting to go all white.

    Cheers to a good week! V x

    Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Interesting pristine look

    2. lameez on

      Pretty spaces ,just love the wood 🙂

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