• So, last week i took delivery of a fabulous new pegboard-style shelf unit from Mono! Here it is (pre-hanging) – i’m just waiting to corner The Captain with his drill so it can be mounted next to my dressing table – i can’t wait to sort out the absolute chaos that is my jewellery and makeup with this beauty.


    Pegboards are the ultimate in DIY organisation – you can customise them to meet your specifications, be it for a craft wall in your home office, as a headboard, for hanging off necklaces near a dressing table (how i plan to use mine) or for your tools if you’re handy. Here are some ideas i’m loving.


    So this is what i have in mind for my new peg board style shelf from Mono – can’t wait to sort out all my chaos!

    Pic from here


    LOVE this! Pic from here.


    I know i’ve shared this before but it’s so fabulous it definitely needed to be shared again! Pic from here.


    I LOVE clipboards and i love pegboards – a match made in heaven! Pic from here.


    CUTE!!! I wish i’d thought of this for Charley Bird’s nurser. Pic from here.


    I am madly in love with this hallway DIY project by Beci Orpen and i totally want to copy it! Pic from here.


    Shew, this DIY pegboard job is pretty impressive don’t you think? Click here for the How To.


    Such a cool idea for a busy bedroom! Pic from here.

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the great idea

    2. lameez on

      Awesome Ideas , Love these boards amazing and fun ideas for my kids rooms 🙂

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