• Morning! I’ve been doing some research for a feature on kintsugi, which means ‘golden joinery’ in Japanese and is based on the philosophy of fixing broken ceramics and crockery with gold so as to highlight the cracks and imperfections, not hide them, and in doing so transform the imperfections into features to be admired, ones that enhance the original item and imbues it with a special uniqueness. It’s also a super eco-friendly approach, repairing an item rather than sending it to the garbage heap, which is something we all need to adopt in our outlooks. So I was so excited to come across this brilliant New Kintsugi Repair Kit by Netherlands-based Humade design studio, a collaboration between two sisters, Gieke and Lotte. The inspiration behind everything that the duo produce is a passion to find balance between ‘man, product and space’, while always affording consideration to the environment and ethical manufacturing practices. Many of the materials they use are upcycled and get transformed into elegant, useful and fun designs (think advertising billboards to make a kids’ fish-and-chip shop play house and old fire-fighting hoses for floor cushions and benches). As well as the kintsugi kit, they have several other products that encourage creativity through personalisation such as Remarkable, gold iron-on splodgy patches to cover and highlight (in a good way) the stains on textiles as well as Create Me / Textile, the same idea using graphic textile-friendly iron-on transfers to either personalise items or cover tears, holes and stains (there are 100 shapes in the kit). Good news is you can shop online and they’ll work out the shipping costs.

    New Kintsugi Repair Kit 

    PicMonkey Collage-140 PicMonkey Collage-141 PicMonkey Collage-142 PicMonkey Collage-143
    Create Me / Textile transfers
    PicMonkey Collage-144 PicMonkey Collage-145 PicMonkey Collage-146 PicMonkey Collage-152
    Remarkable iron-on transfers

    PicMonkey Collage-148 PicMonkey Collage-149 PicMonkey Collage-150 PicMonkey Collage-151
    Images courtesy of Humade

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    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Quite a radical concept will have to become accustomed to the idea

    4. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Love it! & might not wait for a stain to use them either! ;))

    5. Amanda Du Toit on

      Love it!

    6. Lalannie on

      Love this! Such a beautiful way to fix things you really hate to let go when damaged.

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