• Over the past few weeks our cupboards have been driving me nuts – my bedroom wardrobes are a mess and i keep finding things i haven’t worn in years. The girls’ lounge and playroom is a tip and my kitchen cupboards are shockers too! Our passports keep getting moved around, i keep finding computer and phone cords everywhere, it’s all too messy! I’ve been trying to convince The Captain that we need some more built in cupboards in our kitchen but it’s an expense that can’t be justified at the moment but i’m convinced a lot of our crap could be contained in some floor to ceiling cupboards in the kitchen. The irony is that I find myself gravitating towards more open shelving since it gives you a chance to store AND display at the same time – sigh – what you want and what you need…



    Furniture shoot
    Furniture shoot




    Screen shot 2015-06-10 at 9.06.49 AM

    Anyone else in the same messy boat? What are your solutions for sorting out the chaos?

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    1. Sally on

      Beautiful! I am totes on the same page – if anyone opens a cupboard in my house they could die in the avalanche.

      In my previous life before kids, I had only open shelving in my kitchen so I am cured of that longing. Think cat hair on the dishes and a slightly tacky build-up on things that you don’t use too often, like that Moroccan tagine that looks so pretty but doesn’t really get a work-out more than four times a year. It’s bad enough washing dishes AFTER a meal, but having to do it BEFORE you cook too… meh!

      Now I long for reinforced cupboard doors with a hermetic seal.

    2. lameez on

      Same oh same, Yes this is what I focus on now to get everthing. Sorted out , slowly and I use sum storage boxes to store sum stuff so that it don’t lay around . Hubby ‘s tools was overflowing, he made him a nice tool board and hang is tools on it that was also a relieve.W hav building cupboards now I use my furniture for the kids clothes and stuff.I so need a bookshelve 4 kids books , extra shelve in the kitchen ect .unfortunatly I cannot afford it .Now I’m using storage boxes solong 🙂

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Same problem – no solution in sight due to frenzied finances!

    4. COLLEEN on

      Love the white kitchen cupboard & definitely need glass to keep out all the dust at the moment!

    5. Janine on

      Appears that an “iwantthat” storage support group meeting needs to be called!:)

    6. Astrid on

      I moved into a smaller home studio this year and became an “all for” open storage. I love the white “frame” shelves, you get to move them around – no reason to get bored. It also makes you get rid of a lot of unnecessary ‘things’ 🙂 lovely collection of storage examples x

    7. Vicki on

      Haha Janine, i think you are quite, quite right!

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