• Hello lovelies, how are you all? I am good! I managed to crawl my way back from a revolting fever and pain-riddled week last week and had a lovely weekend bonding with our two small offspring. The Captain was away which was trying but i had help and i even managed to get out for lunch (alone) with a good friend on Saturday!

    This morning’s post is about an aspect of interiors that has always appealed to me and which i’ve never put into place – the sofa table or couch console – call it what you will. My love for sofa tables goes waaaaay back…back in the eighties when i was a kid, i already had a big interest in interiors and i first noticed sofa tables in…The Cosby Show! Yip…those Huxtables had it all (well now we know the truth about Bill Cosby, i’m not so sure, but let me stick to the point) – and one of the things that really struck me was their sofa table. The skinny, long table behind the couch – the one that had a lamp or two on it and perhaos a bowl and certainly an ornament. Rewind to many of the family TV shows from that era and a sofa table was definitely a ‘thing’. Over the years i’ve seen them rear their heads in various guises – mostly classically influenced spaces and i love them and would love one in our own home. Of course any more surfaces on which to display my collectables might push The Captain over the edge, but one day i WILL have a sofa table, come hell or high water! here are some examples of sofa table styling – i could only find very classic examples, i’d love to see more contemporary offerings out there…the search continues




    How to get a Sofa Table Just Right

    • Narrow is Nice

    While a wider table works, i’m all for a narrow table that fits the dimensions of the couch that its nestled against.

    • Pretty can be Practical

    Use your console to display your favourite collectables but use it for practical purposes too. A tray or two filled with drinks essentials turns yours into a bar hub immediately.

    • Seek out Symmetry – or Not

    The couch table i have in my mind’s eye has two elegant lamps on either side but symmetrical displays are not the rule necessarily – just keep things balanced with height and scale – and most importantly, less is more.

    • Something Green

    Couch consoles are the perfect place to show off your garden’s spring blooms or those Delicious Monster leaves you stole off your neighbour – in fact i’d say a vase or a potted plant is a must

    So there you have it lovelies…is a sofa table, couch console, call it what you will something that you would love at home?

  • 3 Comments to “Spotlight On: Sofa Tables”

    1. Colleen on

      Love to have one so maybe one day!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great and so versatile – now only finance required!

    3. lameez on

      Wow Love and I want !!!

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