• Hello lovelies!! It is SO good to be back on home soil. We had a ridiculously fabulous time sailing along the Turkish coast for a whole week but boy was i glad to see our Birdie after our 11 hour flight! Thanks to Mandy for keeping the blog fires burning! I’ll be sharing my Turkish travels in a few posts over the next couple of weeks – it was our third time and it just gets better and better!

    You all know what a rug fetish i have and judging by the entries for the last Airloom giveaway we did , so do many of you! Lately my attention has been drawn to round rugs and just how striking they can be in a space. As a child we always had a huge round grass mat in our sunroom – if you grew up in the Eighties, you’ll know ALL about the sunroom! We used to buy a new one every two years or so on our annual trip to Durban – my mother would make my father take us on a pilgrimage to the market for a new mat and then we’d drive home with it rolled up underneath our feet.

    Lately i’ve been seeing more and more round rugs and it’s a look i really like – the interesting shape has immediate impact and  if you add pattern or texture into the mix it really makes an impact! Take a look and you’ll see what i mean.

    1.Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.15.09 PM



    4.Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.18.33 PM


    6-Ronde-vloerkleden-760x987 7.10-Ronde-vloerkleden-760x987 8.image


    Some thoughts on round rugs:

    • It’s clear that natural fibre round rugs are a thing, and a great looking thing at that!

    • A round rug in a baby’s room is SO cute!

    • A round rug in a small, narrow room has an amazing effect – helping the space to look better

    • A round rug is a great way to offset a minimalist space with lots of horizontal and vertical lines


    PS.  Pomme Pomme has these round rugs for sale online. I think we need to ask Airloom if they have any coming out in the future.

    PSS. MrP Home also has round rugs – click here to see their selection

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      V nice

    2. Casey on

      Love this post. Busy shopping for one at the moment. Inspired.

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