• Hi lovelies! As we wade through our snag list and continue unpacking boxes (it feels like they multiply while we sleep), i’m starting to write up yet another list of other things i want to do in the house. One of these is our outside patio area. The paving has taken forever and its finally done so now i can start planning and playing. This is what it looks like at the moment.


    We had people for lunch last Sunday for my Mom’s birthday so we quickly made a plan in the morning and hauled out all our kelims and Persians and plonked them outside. I’m over the Wassily replica chairs and not particularly in love with the sofa either.


    Not anything to write home about but something of a blank canvas i’m sure you’ll agree. We chose the pavers because they’re really durable, were probably the best priced option out there and because well, they’re grey and grey goes with everything. One of the things i want to do here is build a big daybed against that far wall where we can all shlumpf. I know the teens and their mates will love it and have visions of lunches morphing into sundowners on our daybeds.

    Here are some of the daybeds that i’m taking inspiration from…they’re mostly interior spots for shlumpfing, but still, you see where i’m going here.








       Screen shot 2017-05-09 at 2.18.12 PM


    This is kind of where i am going – a wooden platform – possibly palettes and a clean white palette and some pops of cushion colour!


    This is also a nice low slung look…

    I Was getting my knickers in a twist on where to find nice mattresses/cushions until Philippa at Hemporium showed me the daybed they have in their showroom – foam cut to size and covered in the fabric of your choice – my brain is not firing on all cylinders, but yes, that i exactly what i intend to do!

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    1. Lalannie on

      The daybeds with the wooden palettes look amazing!!

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