• Hi lovelies! Happy Monday to you! Shew, we’re in the midst of the mad month of birthdays! We hosted both teens birthdays on Saturday – one a daytime picnic, the other a party – i’m shattered! This Thursday is Ava Baby’s 1st birthday and i’ve done nothing. Oh, hang on, i’ve ordered her a ride on bike thing that plays music and i reckon i’ll decorate it with a big bunch of balloons and she’ll be happy as! Of course, with all the planning i’m meant to be doing, i’m hiding on Pinterest…and right now i’m looking at shawls. You see, i recently became an owner of an insanely beautiful Karien Belle shawl. I have wanted one for years, have drooled over them at Madison, spent some time planning various outfits wearing one and now i have one i’m in love. BUT, because i’m short, i feel a bit self conscious that i look a bit swamped in it. So, i’ve been hanging our on Pinterest looking for cool ways to wear shawls…take a look



    This, my friends is a Karien Belle shawl – she is a South African designer who works with crafters in India to embroider swathes of fabric with beautiful poems and sayings and thoughts – they’re really very special. I’m going to share the whole Karien Belle story with you soon as i think it’s really special.

    Take a look at some more shawl ideas


    Some are more structured than others – i love in between season shawls like this one




    Such a beautiful way to wear a patterned shawl!


    More in between season shawl inspiration


    Shawls can be so chic while still being warm


    Love this look! I’m loving that all i need is a pair of pants, a plain long sleeve tee and my beaut new shawl and i’m good to go! I’m still trying to explain to The Captain why i’m wearing a blanket – aargh sometimes they just don’t get it!!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love shawls – so versatile!

    2. Lalannie on

      That second shawl is beautiful!!

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