• I’m not exactly proud to admit it but there are times, when looking at people’s homes both in real-life and on Pinterest, blogs and magazines that I am flushed with good old-fashioned envy*. The cleverness and gorgeousness and prettiness and fabulousness and lovely, lovely things that they have give me the ughs. As in, ugh, why not meeee! I can’t actually even cope with these serene work-from-home spaces with their muted palettes and covetable furnishings. In this selection, every element is my idea of aesthetic perfection. What is my formula for perfection in a work-from-home space, I hear you ask? (Just kidding, but I’ll tell you anyway). A high-low mix of new and vintage furniture, accessories arranged in a way that doesn’t feel styled but is still so damn stylish, organised enough that the space is functional and clever and non-chaotic, but not pedantically so, and an overall look that is characterful, unique and original with just the right amounts of design savvy and quirkiness. Plus natural light in abundance. My own perfect space would be a lot like these but would defs include a little (maybe a lot) more pops of colour, but I think we can all agree that these spaces are totally dreamy. I certainly wouldn’t say no, even if the style deities told me I wasn’t allowed to add one more drop of colour.

    * Disclaimer: The way I see it, my jealousy is sort of a complement, right. Right? 

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    What Makes The Look

    * A mix-and-match combo of homeware store desks and chairs, vintage pieces and at least one thing with a little bit of a design pedigree
    * A serene palette that’s mainly monochrome with elements of greenery, muted colours and wood
    * The same formula for accessories: cheap vintage finds and up cycled objects, homeware store-bought items, and repurposed pieces
    * Wall art and graphic decorative items
    * Attractive functional task lighting
    * Clever storage and pieces with personality

     For pieces to help you achieve home office perfection of the ‘Ugh!’ variety, check out…

    * Mykea (yip, for a selection of IKEA stuff) and look at the Pahl adjustable desk and the iconic Raskog trolley.
    * Superbalist has such good looking (and well-priced) shelves and racks for your home office space. And also chairs and stools, lighting and wall art and sticker decals.
    * Mr Price Home is also brilliant as a one-stop for home office furniture, fabulous stationery and quirky accessories, storage and shelves.
    * Monoshop is amazing to get this monochrome and wood Scandic-style look.
    * And Knus is also ah-mah-zing for their wares, from furniture to accessories.
    * Don’t forget your local garden centre for indoor greenery.

    All images from one of my Work-From-Home moodboards on Pinterest.

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      Apparently I need way too much desk space to have a serene work-from-home space 🙂 #WorkGoals

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      Wow so amazing!

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