• Australian artist Tanya Shultz‘s work is a feast for the eyes, her fantastical art installations, wallpapers, wall art and window displays made using sugar, spice and everything nice. Working under the name  Pip and Pop, Tanya’s ‘immersive installations and artworks are made from an eclectic range of materials including sugar, glitter, candy, plastic flowers, everyday craft materials and all sorts of objects she finds on her travels’. I absolutely adore her colourful work and find it a total trip, at once beautiful and bizarre. I have crazy word associations just looking at these pictures: I keep thinking of scratch-and-sniff stickers, 80s video games, popping candy, the Bedazzler machine, My Little Pony, candy necklaces and the smell of Fanta Grape – all of which are, of course, good things that transport me back to the happy place of my youth. I realise it’s not everybody’s cuppa psychedelic sugar, but I love what she’s doing and am flabbergasted by the attention to detail and breadth of her imagination.

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