• Morning everyone! Eeeeek!!! We officially have just over 3 weeks to go before our poppet arrives and i have so much to do!! Mostly work stuff and admin and one or two things for the babies’ room – i’m not sure how Charley is going to react when i move the Moses basket in there this week! I can’t believe this is the last stretch! I’m finding myself wide awake at 3am on a regular basis which i know is nature preparing me for the sleepless nights ahead – it’s also the time i’ve been hitting the net and wandering around Pinterest and websites, looking for everything and nothing through half open eyes. My latest visual fest is pastel nurseries…take a look…


    If you have time and a chest of drawers that could do with a makeover then i couldn’t suggest an ombre effect more – it’s fab! This image is from Oh Joy and her range for Target – just love her style so much!


    You know my feelings about a gallery wall – so special! We went to friends this weekend – their daughter turned two and they had done something so special – commissioned a beautiful artwork to mark their daughter’s birthday. They plan to get a new one every birthday, i love that idea.


    Little shelfies in nurseries are just so sweet – and so essential since the likelihood of having collected a cornucopia of pretty little things is very high


    Isn’t that rug amazing?!


    Another sweet shelfie of blue hued things PastelNursery1

    These smalls are from one of my fave local suppliers- Simply Child. Their ladder is a new addition to their offerings and i LOVE it!


    I spotted these three rugs from Airloom last week and i am smitten!! Remember i said the rug in Charley and the baby’s room is just too bright? Well this one is exactly what i am after…i just love it and at under R2000, once again Airloom has come to the affordable design party!


    It’s also available in chevron


    And spots!

    Screen shot 2016-07-29 at 10.46.41 AM

    You could say i have a bit of a nursery shelfie fetish – especially if they contain pretty pastel things sleeping_shelfie

    So sweet!

    Have a sweet and lovely day! V x

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    1. Colleen on

      So pretty – can see you have baby girl on your mind! Look the blanket. Good luck for August

    2. Colleen on

      That should have been “Love” (can’t edit once hit the button!)

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