• While Vix is snorkelling in the Seychelles I’ve been dreaming about a city escape. Paris is and always will be my favourite city and I have a major hankering for a short visit there. I’m also constantly inspired by how Parisians put together their kitchens – have a look at these images and see why. Typically very compact, Parisians know how to make the most of limited, awkward spaces by utilising every surface. Clutter is not frowned upon, it adds character, so you’ll find pots and pans and utensils hanging on walls and within easy reach from the ceiling, as well as plenty of utilitarian items on display as decorative features. The kitchen is very much a lived in space, so it’s decorated as such: personal objets, postcards and prints, pops of colour, plants and herbs, flea market finds and a mix of old and new. If we can’t hop a plane and head to Paris this weekend, then at least we can spend a few minutes daydreaming (and nab some ideas while we’re at it). Have a lovely weekend mes amis.

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    1. lameez on

      Lovely and I lov how I can limit my space in kitchen very helpful tx 🙂

    2. COLLEEN on

      Would love some of those cupboards 🙂

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