• Hello lovelies! I hope you had a good weekend! Ours was lovely – The Captain had rugby things on with clients on both Friday and Saturday so Charley Bird and I went to hang with her and my bestie for Saturday afternoon and  after a breakfast of croissants on the harbour wall in Kalk Bay on Sunday morning, The Captain took the family for a sail while i stayed at home and planned my blog posts for the week, slept a little and chilled – perfect!!

    I’ve got a little DIY project planned for the coming weekend – you see i bought this beaut hall table, console type piece from the Smitten girls last week (well, i still have to collect it and pay for it BUT it’s mine all mine) and now i need to think whether i’m going to keep the colour or paint it?


    I’ve always wanted a long table to go behind a couch – the kind where you put a lamp or two and some ornaments and a vase – perfect for a toddler to knock over, haha! So if truth be told, i also don’t know where this is going but i love it! So…in the name of research, i started looking for examples of cool painted tables and that morphed into cool painted cupboards and then i went off piste to papered cupboards – wow! Take a look my pretties…


    Ok so this lovely cabinet is a combo of paper and paint prettiness and i love it! So sweet for a kids room or playroom.


    I would sell a kidney for this beautiful cabinet!


    I’m pretty sure i’ve shared this pic before – but it’s such a goodie it definitely warrants a reshare


    more yellow loveliness!


    Love how giving the interior of a bookshelf a lick of paint can be so fabulous!


    A lovely little surprise!


    Peach is a popular colour at


    I absolutely love this papered wardrobe – someone like Robin Sprong could easily make some customised wallpaper to cover up a so-so cupboard


    And this chinoiserie wardrobe is just as special – wow!


    This sideboard is a beauty – such a great way to use up sample pots of paint!


  • 8 Comments to “Painted & Papered Cupboards”

    1. Robyn on

      What a lovely size table, why is it they don’t make more tables that size and in different lengths for pesky spaces like behind a front door etc…. Lucky you found it!
      I love the colour, but I’m suddenly on the yellow train, took me a while but i like it now… Let us know what you choose 🙂

    2. Colleen on

      Love the two yellow cupboards. Want to see an after photo of your table V.

    3. Miri on

      Nice idea to use different grey colours of tester paint pots I have nt used due to offshade for a mirror I am going to repaint…..should look fab, thx for the Hot Tip!!

    4. Zahraa Minty on

      The papered wardrobe is my absolute favorite !!!

    5. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great ideas thank you

    6. lameez on

      Wow, bright and beautifull colours this will make a huge statement in a room!! Super amazing patterns and ideas lov them all 🙂

    7. Shannon on

      Love your stye of writing. It always puts a smile on my face; your enthusiasm and quirky pics most inspiring.

    8. Gillian Fuller on

      Some lovely ideas but hang on to you kidney Vicki !

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