• So, after five years in our home, we still don’t have a coffee table in our lounge! I’ve pinned images galore, i’ve torn out pages from magazines, i’ve collected fabric samples – and i’ve done nothing about it. We have a Weylandts stool and a Muuto trolley on the side of the couch to help woth storage and plopping-coffee-cups space but still…no coffee table. Which is the gist of this morning’s post…coffee tables i’m liking the look of…












    Are you clocking the trend for groups of small tables put together to make one coffee table configuration? I like! It’s perfect if like me, you can’t commit to one single table and also, if you have a small space – it’s perfect!

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    1. Robyn on

      Loving @home furniture at the moment. Have you tried there?

    2. lameez on

      Love this , Thank u for sharing!

    3. Jonelle on

      I love these… I have a coffee table that I HATE! It’s one of those silly crates on wheels. You know the types that were trendy two years ago.. well, all I want is a cute little pile of stacking tables that can be moved out the way and don’t take up the entire room. No coffee table is almost better than a hated one 🙂

    4. Emma on

      Hi Vicki

      This post is amazing! We are in the same boat and using my husband’s drum ‘s as tables at the moment.

      Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


    5. iwantthat on

      Jonelle, your comment made me LAUGH!! I know that crate on wheels look only too well, if i wasn’t so useless at making decisions, i too would have one of those in our lounge, i could just never commit!

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