• I have a soft spot for storage pieces in general but particularly love old school cabinets and keepers – i also like seeing new pieces that emulate an old school method of organisation.

    Back in the ‘olden days’ there was no such thing as C Drives and Folders…you stored your info and essentials in specially made pieces built to last. Like this industrial-chic cabinet

    I love libraries and these bring back such good memories – Paula and Michael from Vamp have reconditioned some and fitted the drawers with bottoms – great for a dining room (store your fancy pants cutlery and linen) or and office space

    these kind of desks can be found all over the show and often you’ll be able to buy them at a Bargain Betty price!

    A sweet way to display pix and memorabilia

    a place for everything and everything in its place


    love this even more

    I have a box that’s almost exactly the same as this one – an old friend bought it for me when i got into the magazine world, it has pride of place on my office desk

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  • 6 Comments to “Old School Storage”

    1. Janine on

      V…monday morning heartache…love,love!

    2. Tanya B on

      Image 6 reminds me of my student years spent in the library. Oh…. memories come flooding…

    3. Samantha on

      Nothing like a bit of inspiration early on a Monday morning…it’s going to be a helluva day!!!

    4. Cathi on

      Love all these images,,

      Husband picked up a wonderful filing drawer [at a bargain betty price) which was originally to store cotton reels -long thin drawers with glass in front….but sadly his assistant thought he was doing him a favour and scrubbed all the writing off the outside…

    5. Bianca-Leigh Nagel on

      oh my hat! LOVE!

    6. Tarryn on

      absolutely love these, except for the wild life on the first pic 🙂

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