• I spent a couple of hours styling some new images for Consol, one of the advertisers on this here blog and its sister I Want That Wedding. As many of you know i’m a big Consol fan – i use the jars throughout our home and in my office  in a gazillion different ways and i love thinking up simple new ways to showcase them in their ads on the blogs.

    I was lucky enough to work with my old friend Brenda from Hearts in a Shutter. Brenda is already a well regarded family and wedding photographer but lately she’s branched out into shooting stills for small creative companies and stores and little sets of stills like this one – the kind of images that do your products justice and that will make people want to engage with them. Thanks Bren – it was so good to work with you and i am mad about the pix you took from above – wow!!

    We started off shooting straight on – nothing too fancy which is what you need for ads with small dimensions like the ones on this page

    Then we moved on to adding a textured background. Remember i mentioned the painted jars in the crafts post i did last week? Here’s how mine turned out

    Love the pop of colour from the confetti and the table

    love this pic

    love this one more

    Hope you likey!

  • 10 Comments to “New Consol Images”

    1. Sue on

      Stunning – such a gorgeous theme for the most beautiful Spring day in Joburg!

    2. Gillian Fuller on

      Really beautiful! Love the out-of-focus contrasted with the sharpness of the straw ends!


      These are stunning! I especially like the painted jars! So glad the Consol Glass Retail Store in Woodmead is only a few minutes drive from my house.

    4. Kathryn (Becoming you) on

      pretty pretty! love the styling and photos!

    5. Helen on

      love the styling on the blackboard heart x

    6. Charlene on

      So gorgeous as usual!!! xxx

    7. Brenda Wardall on

      Loved doing this shoot with you Vix – your gift is definitely to inspire creativity in people – thank you for that!! It has totally rekindled my love for glass and then this weekend I saw their solar jars in action – i want those!!!

    8. Li on

      Beaut beaut beautiful!!!

    9. Bee on

      Beautiful!! How and what did you use to paint the jars?

    10. Suzanne on

      I just love these pics. Spring please come…

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