• Hello lovelies! Navy has proven itself to be something fo a dramatic neutral in recent years – in fashion certainly, and more and more in interiors too. If grey is too well, grey for you, navy is an elegant option for dressing a wall and i love it as a couch colour too (in velvet – wow!). But if its too masculine a colour for you or if you could do it but with an accent colour, why not push things towards pretty with a splash of pink? As a colour marriage, it’s magical! Take a look…


    From dirty, dusky pink tones teamed with classic navy and other blue hues


    To fuschia and peach


    I love this mash up of classic navy and white with a shot of pink



    Throw in some copper and you’ve really got a winning colour story


    See how just one pink accessory can lighten the mood so beautifully?


    On its own that pinky peach paint would look weird but throw in blue velvet chairs and you have a super stylish room setup!

    What say you, lovelies? Could you mix in some pink with your navy?

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  • 4 Comments to “Navy Loves Pink”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the contrast – brings each colour into clear definition

    2. Suz on


    3. Jeani Louw on

      What an odd but gorgeous colour combo! Already love navy; now I just need to add some pink 😉

    4. Yvonne on

      Oh this has always been my favourite colour combo!

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