• Hi guys. It’s Mandy here. So something different today, and my first time embedding YouTube videos which is HARD! As in, my tenth or fifteenth attempt! I love listening to music when I work, in fact I can’t work without music in the background. I have pretty diverse tastes, from showtunes to nostalgic ye olde timey songs to all sorts of classical to pop and experimental and world music and lots of schlocky songs to make me cry and movie soundtracks and theme songs to off-the-radar stuff. I’m putting myself out there because you might think I have THE MOST SHOCKING taste but I thought it could be fun, while you’re working or arbing around at home, to have a listen to a sampling of what was on my playlist this week. Maybe there’s something you fall in love with and listen to as obsessively as I do. Happy weekend y’all.

  • 7 Comments to “My Friday Playlist”

    1. Farren Classe on

      You had me at Kate Bush cover.
      LOVE this type of post, make it a regular please 🙂

    2. Zuzu on

      Love this playlist thanx for sharing

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Wow – thank you so much – cheered me up!

    4. soozi Morris on

      Oh Mandy ! a music soul mate !!
      i have printed your list what a joy to find new stuff !
      i have enough music on my mac to listen for 167 days non stop !!
      please send me your email I would love to send you some too !
      do take a listen to Ludovico Einaudi ” Divenire ” is my most favourite track , but all his albums are divine.
      greys tv series has tons of stunning music as does Reign ( apalling acting but fab music !)
      and of course theres Bruce !! seen him live 4 times !!
      xx take care

    5. Bevin le Roux on

      LOVED, please share more….

    6. KERRY on

      fabulous thank you

    7. Caroline on

      Love it!

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