• So last week i finally did it – i painted one wall of our bedroom navy blue and we’re loving it! I can’t wait to share the makeover with you, it feels like we’ve moved house and i love how cosy it is – ready for winter.

    Here are some navy blue interiors images i’ve been collecting in the run up to making the move to blue decision.

    NavyBlue_Interior1 NavyBlueInteriors3 NavyBlueINteriors5 NavyBlueINteriors4

    I posted the pic above (right) on my Facebook page a couple of days before beginning our bedroom’s mini makeover – i was toying with the turquoise and navy blue colour combo and when i spotted this bedroom i was sold.

    Credits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

  • 8 Comments to “More Navy Blue”

    1. Andrea on

      Can’t wait to see pics of the new navy blue (said in your navy blue accent)

    2. cecile on

      Please let us know which colour/brand paint you chose, i was looking for navy blue recently and chose the wrong colour, too blue, so hard sometimes!

    3. iwantthat on

      Hi Cecile – i mailed you – the colour i used is Plascon Nautilus – i’ll include all the codes etc in my makeover post. V x

    4. Shirley B on

      Am thinking of doing over our bedroom in what I ‘ve been calling Indigo… love it!

    5. Charlene on

      Love! Can’t wait to see your make-over Vick!! X

    6. Yvonne on

      Looking forward to seeing your makeover! I ♥ navy!! 🙂

    7. Alex on

      I just painted our old wood chest of drawers in Plascon Nautilus! I now have all my old Chinese blue and white crokery (ginger jar, cake plate for jewellery, etc.) on it and it looks beautiful! Great minds, Vicks…xx

    8. Alex on

      I have just painted our old wood chest of drawers in a glossy Plascon Nautilus! I now have all my old Chinese crockery (ginger jar, cake plate for perfume bottles etc.) on top and it looks beautiful – great minds, Vicks! x

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